Monday, July 9, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Looking Back

Whew! I set several goals this weekend and I am amazed to say that I got them ALL done! Let's see, first I made cookies for my husband to take on his mountain/fishing/horseback get-away. Oatmeal raisin are his very favorite.

While I was baking cookies, I also got caught up on my laundry.

I got my blueberry bush planted - it already has blueberries on it! They are really good too. I hope it survives- blueberries are not supposed to grow well in our area - but I love them and the bushes are pretty. I am going to baby this one.

Two yorkies - bathed and groomed and waiting for their treat!

My daughter Michelle and I joined a quilt block on the month club. We worked this weekend on our first block. We didn't have any trouble - and in fact, enjoyed it very much. We got one block made and the pieces cut out for the second one. I see a new hobby beginning! And it was so fun to work together on it. I always hoped at least one of my girls would enjoy crafting as much as I do.

And one very happy Jedi Knight celebrating his 8th birthday! I was so happy to get this costume made - he really wanted it so badly! This is Jeremiah. He has a sister and two twin brothers. They needed some grandparents that are able to be a part of their everyday lives - so we have stepped into that role. It's good practice for when our girls start giving us grandkids! And we love them to pieces.

Looking Ahead

My husband left on his trip, so of course that is when everything begins to go wrong. Murphy's law right? First the sewer backed up into the bathtub. It eventually drained, but now I am nervous about what to do. I'm not having a good feeling about this. Did I mention my husband is gone? Did I mention he is NOT within cell phone range?

Then one of our sprinker heads blew into a hundred pieces. We are having 100 degree weather (why isn't there a degree symbol on my keyboard?). My lawn needs to be watered. I do not have a clue how to fix/replace this thing. Did I mention my husband is away? Did I mention his is NOT within cell phone range?

He will be home Thursday - I can only wonder what else will happen between now and then!


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Cookies, laundry and quilt blocks! You've had a stackable week!

Karen said...

You must feel very satisfied with all that you accomplished! I love weekends like that.

He was one lucky Jedi, to have you for a "grandma".

And why doesn't my keyboard have a cents sign? I'm sure they used to!

Good luck with all the water issues. Yep, my husband left last week and of course that's when the washer machine decides to leak all over the floor. Evil thing that it is.

pei girl said...

wow Robin you sure got a lot accomplished yorkies are just the cutest yummy cookies and your block looks great hope you have an awesome day Robin(hugs from the Island):0)

Gretchen said...

Okay, it okay if I am just a weeeeee bit jealous of that quilt square? I need to get busy on finishing my son's quilt, but here I sit, typing away. :)

Susanne said...

Your little jedi knight looks so cute!

The cookies look wonderful. Those are my hubby's fave too, but I've yet to find a really, really good recipe. Want to share yours?

Tagged you btw.

Mishel said...

I know exactly what you mean about things going wrong once your hubby leaves--it happens all the time here! Crazy!

Good job on all you accomplished! : )

Anonymous said...

Hi! Don't know you, but I happened across your blog through lpm. I enjoy quilting also. Just thought you would like to know that if you hold down the Alt key and type 167 at the same time you will get the degree symbol (ยบ). Have a most blessed day. Patti