Friday, July 6, 2007

Weekend Plans

So what are everyone's plans for the weekend? I think having the 4th on a Wednesday kind of threw me into confusion. I got into weekend mode, only to have to go back to work the next day!

June was such a busy month for me - I worked every Saturday. Tomorrow is my first Saturday free in a long time so I plan to catch up on some things. First, I need to sew a Jedi costume for a special little boy who is having a birthday. I have often made his sister things (it's so much easier to sew for girls!) and he asked me especially to make him a Jedi cape. Okay - sure - no problem. I need to grab an old Star Wars movie so I can see what in the world I'm in for!

I also hope to plant two blueberry bushes I bought some time ago and haven't planted yet. I've been studying where the sunlight hits. Blueberries don't like intense heat so I'm trying to decide the best place for them. I think I have it figured out - so maybe this weekend I will get that done too.

Laundry is piling up quickly. I like to keep on top of it - but I got behind this week.

My husband is leaving on a 3 day pack trip in the mountains with his horse and I thought I might have time to make his favorite oatmeal raisin cookies to take with him. Maybe tonight I'll have time to get those done.

My poor little dogs need baths too. Hmmmm....maybe Saturday evening would be a good time for that.

My daughter Michelle and I joined a quilt block of the month club. Neither of us know how to quilt! She is going to come over Sunday afternoon after our hubbies leave on their mountain trip. We are going to try to figure this quilt block thing out. I'm looking forward to that.

So what are you going to be busy doing this weekend?


Karen said...

First, congrats on another lb lost! I'm at a standstill with my efforts and need to get back on track.

My hubby is on a rafting trip this weekend, so I'm taking my daughter to the pool this afternoon. Tomorrow we're going to a bbq and I've been asked to bring dessert -- it will definitely be chocolate, so I need to come up with something decadent! Have a good weekend.

Lucydolls' ramblings said...

I kept thinking it was Saturday all on Wednesday, so then I was a mess yesterday, not to have it Saturday tomorrow, yikes, I will be real confused.
I always enjoy your blogs, keep it up. See ya Sunday!

Michelle said...

wow you do have a busy weekend coming up!

Thank you so much for the congrats!

Julie Fink said...

The quilt block thing sounds neat!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I hope you enjoy quilting, I love it! ALthough it's become increasingly expensive as I find the need to acquire more stuff! hehehe

Sharon said...

Not doing too much today. Just the normal chores and straightening the house. Probably a Walmart run--yeeeeha.
Then tomorrow I will meet a bloggy friend that is passing through my area.
Enjoy your quilting experience--I'm afraid I would have to pull out the granny glasses. :)

gail@more than a song said...

It sounds like you'll be busy this weekend! The 4th being on Wed. messed us up too, it felt like Saturday all day.
Thanks for stopping by my place....I poked around and loved seeing your pics and posts, fun!

pei girl said...

you are really having a busy weekend Robin I hope you have lots of fun with the quilt I have never made one but would like to give it a go.have an awesome wonderful weekend Robin (hugs from the Island):0)

Toni said...

Wow! You have been keeping busy! The Fourth being on a Wednesday threw me too! Everyone should have just had a 5 day weekend!

When you get a moment- Check out my contest!

Scratchin' the Surface said...

I've seen you visit my blog now and then, and came over for a visit. I rarely add anyone to my bloglines, but just love the whole feel of your blog, so I hope you wont mind if I subscribe, and file your blog under my category "Pure Joy". My DIL also has a fear of flying (referring to your comment on my post) and she presses on also. It's the only way to conquer it, avoiding it just makes it loom even bigger. xoxoxo Bev