Friday, July 13, 2007

What a Great Day!

*UPDATE* 7-16-2007
It seems that I have exposed my bovine ignorance with this post. Okay, okay, as several friends have informed me, solid black cows are Angus cows. Unless they are Tarantaise, but apparently there aren't many of those in this area and they are usually brown, but if you have a black Tarantaise bull you then get black Tarantaise cattle which for some reason sell for more money. There are also black cows with white faces that are called Black Bali, but if they are black and white splotchy then they are Holsteins. Who knew? All I know is that you can call them whatever you want -I like black cows!

It is 9:00 a.m. on this Friday morning and it has already been a really great day!

It was such a beautiful morning to sit on the patio and enjoy my coffee with my sweet husband. We talk and go over what our plans for the day are. The birds are singing, Josey is sitting on my lap, the horses are grazing out back. Just a picture perfect morning.

I drive about 24 miles to work each day. My drive is all on back roads, quiet and peaceful. I drive through orchards and fields of corn, potatoes, alfalfa, and grain. It is an excellent time to think, sing, and pray. This morning I watched a crop duster spray an orchard. As he soared and glided up and down and all around this field, the sight took me back in my memories many years when as a little girl I used to watch my dad do the same thing. He was a crop duster. To this day the smell of 24-D always takes me back to the airport hanger where I sometimes hung out just to be with my dad. He is gone now - I enjoy when I experience things that remind me of him. Some things never die.

I also drove by a lush green field with black cows all over it. I don't know why, but I just love the sight of black cows grazing on a green pasture. It just makes me happy inside. I guess I should find out what black cows are called - let's see they aren't Jersey's, and they aren't Hereford's or Angus. Hmmmm...I'm going to have to ask about this one.

Then when I got to work today I logged on to my computer to find out that Thea of I'm a Drama Mama awarded me with the Rockin' Girl Blogger award!

I've seen this award floating around of course, but I never thought I would get one. Thanks Thea! You really made my day! I just love that bright pink color too! Thea is a fellow member of the May Day Weight Loss Challenge. We keep each other motivated. There is nothing that will sisters bond together more than a weight loss journey.

In keeping with the tradition I will bestow this award on 5 recipents that I think rock!

Katrina at Callapidder Days I love her reading challenges! Anybody who loves books rocks as far as I'm concerned!

Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry who is also the one in charge of the whole May Day Weight Loss challenge. I REALLY appreciate her efforts and keeping us all accountable.

My girl, Tara, whom I think has rocked ever since I rocked her as a baby!

Diane from Partners in Prayer for our Prodigals who knows the pain of a child who is not walking with the Lord. She is full of hope and inspiration. I love her heart.

And PEI Girl. She is just the sweetest and kindest blogger friend. She does rock.

And finally, over at May Day Weight Loss Challenge, I was named The Loser of the Week! Never thought I would enjoy being called a Loser so much! Anyway, my weight loss journey story is posted here. So go check it out.


Diane said...

Well, I am smiling through the goosebumps that are crawling over my skin as I thank you for this award and your kind words. I haven't felt much like a Rockin' Blogger girl the last few days...have felt more stoned than rockin! Still, your words of encouragement and distinction have restored my spirit to it's soaring self! Thanks so much Robyn!

I will post my five nominees within the next few days! With all of the blogging support I have received this past week....I may need more than 5 nominees!


Nesting For Natalie said...

Your drive sounds lovely! Congrats on the award nomination!


pei girl said...

awwwww Robin you are just the best I feel very honored and thank you for making me feel so special wish you could see the big smile on my face you made my day have an awesome wonderful day Robin(hugs from the Island):0)

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

What a great drive! Ok, I've got some cattle suggestions for you. Angus are indeed black, but more popular are limouisin. They might also be brangus which is a cross between and Angus and a Brahma or possibly (although not likely) corriente. I love cows they are beautiful!

Scarlet said...

I want that kind of morning with my husband.

Congrats on the award!

Robin said...

It DOES sound like a wonderful beginning to a rockin' great day :). I could hear you smiling while you typed your words (hope the weekend has continued like it began!).

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Hi Robin,

I have missed checking up on your blog lately. I have been so busy with everything and not been on the computer much. I LOVE to read your posts. They are such a sanctuary of peaceful thoughts. Glad to hear you're getting a Saturday off and spending so much sweet quality time with family and "adopted" grand kids! Have a sweet Sunday!

Sharon said...

As I was scrolling down my links I saw a post on the biggest loser--so I thought I'd check it out. Imagine my surprise an delight when I saw it was someone familiar.
After I had read the post with some familiar thoughts I thought I would pop on over here and say, HI!
Keep up the good work.
Love your attitude.
And might I add---what a great ride to work. The only thing that would make it better for me would be mountains on either side of the road.

Corrie said...

What a relaxing drive and wonderful way to start your day...beautiful! I've missed reading your blog over the past few weeks! Glad to be back.
Have a wonderful week, Robin!

Katrina said...

Thanks, Robin! You are so sweet, and I'm honored that you picked me!

Susanne said...

Congratulations on your wonderful and deserved award.

Karen said...

Congratulations, Robin! You DO rock! I loved your post today. Your drive to work sounds like a beautiful way to start each day, following that coffee time. Isn't it nice to have that ritual to take time and just breath and offer the day up?