Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Day to Remember

9/11. September 11th. Whatever you call it, it always brings vivid images to our minds of a horrific event that changed our lives and how we live them. I remember having the television on as I was getting ready to leave for work and seeing the smoldering smoke. The tv commentator was discussing whether it had been a small plane veering off course when suddenly from nowhere a second plane glided around and unbelievably hit the second tower. I remember sitting on my bed in disbelief trying to comprehend what had happened. I remember the babies and children who lost parents on that day. I remember the strong and brave testimony of women like Lisa Beymer who lost her strong and brave husband that day. I remember how my place of employment set up televisions throughout the halls and left them on for a week. Unheard of. May we never forget. May we never let down our guard. May we pray for peace with a fervency like never before.

Strangely enough, 10 years earlier, 9/11 had already imprinted itself in my mind as a day of a horrific loss that had changed my life and how I live it. On September 11, 1991 my father died in a plane accident. I spoke to him for the very last time on this earth early that morning. The phone was ringing as I was rushing out the door for work and I picked it up. It was dad. I had almost missed it. We spoke a few minutes and I left. On my way to work I was reviewing the conversation in my mind and a very strange thought occurred to me. A thought that said, "that would be the last time you ever talk to your dad". I quickly brushed it off thinking that I sure did have a morbid and active imagination. Now I believe that God was trying to prepare me for the news I would receive later that day. He crashed within an hour of our conversation.

This morning, I read that dear Amy Wilhoite lost her earthly battle and is finally at peace with the God she loved and served so faithfully. She leaves behind a dear husband and little boy who's lives are changed and will never be lived the same. They will go on and they will be okay because they love and serve the same great God that Amy did. But it will never be the same.

All these tragedies serve to remind me that this life is not all there is. It is only a blip on a very large screen that represents eternity. Yes, we should make the most of the days we are given here. But we need to always keep in mind that there is more. So much more. I pray that on this day you will take a moment to review your relationship with God. He has so much more planned for us than just this earthly life. We can have eternity with Him and our loved ones if we will accept His merciful gift. I pray today that if you are not in relationship with Him that this day will not end before you pray and ask Him to come in to your life. Because when He does you will never be the same. And when events like the ones I have talked about today happen, you will have a different perspective on the precious gift of life. And even though we can't understand why such difficult things happen, you will have a hope for the future that gives us reason to carry on.


Becky said...

I am so glad that I will never go through anything so horrible without the Hope I hold so dear. How do others do it without Him? They need our prayers even more.

Thanks for this Robin. It was very moving.

Kathleen Marie said...

Thanks for sharing from you heart! I don't know how people get through life without Jesus to hang onto... He is my ROCK. God Bless!

Just Me said...

Wow..it's always amazing to me, to hear other people's stories - thanks for sharing about your Dad...I went over to Amy's site too, to read - how very sad, and yet...she's dancing right now...that's our hope eh? We do get to see them again! I just couldn't help but wonder how many people were having a very hard day on Tuesday!

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Wow! Great post. There is really nothing that can be added except for "Amen!" And that I'm sorry that was also the anniversary of your personal loss. You know a good dad when his grown daughter misses him that much after so much time. He must have left quite a legacy.

pei girl said...

Hi Robin what a wonderful post I have tears here we will always remember 9/11 and keep praying that nothing like it happens ever again and thank you for sharing your personal loss there is nothing I can add that already hasn't been said. GB and have an awesome day (hugs from the Island) :0)

Just Me said...

Hey Robin....jsut read your comment on my blog...feel free to email me anytime..if you want someone to pray with..or just another pastor's wife to talk to !

Karen said...

Hey Robin,
I just wanted to come over and thank you for commenting on my popcorn post! I love to meet new people on here!
I still remember where I was on that day, too. I felt sick to my stomach and felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach. Once I realized (after the second plane) that this was not an accident, I couldn't move away from the television. I'm so sorry that the day holds the memory of your Dad's accident as well.
Our prayers are so very important. It's my lifeline.

Angie said...

I am so glad you posted this Robin. I was so busy I couldn't get to my blog on that day. Your post is so touching...and reminded me of the breath that belongs to God.
Where I was on that day will always be something that sticks in my mind. The way I felt that night...the questions in my heart...yeah, I can't forget those either.
I am thankful that God is near to us in those times of deepest questions....and let's us know that only He has the answer of life. It is found at the foot of the cross.

kris said...

Nice 9/11 tribute - thank you.