Monday, October 1, 2007

A Prayer

My daughter Tara, while she was in college, talked to me sometimes about a missionary woman that she admired. A lot. I think she inspired her. Her name was Amy Carmichael. Some time ago I found a prayer that Amy wrote that really spoke to my heart. I made copies of it and I keep them in my home and my office. I pray it often. The amazing thing to me is that Amy never prayed this prayer for her own children - she never had any. But it is obvious that she had a mother's heart. She prayed this prayer for the children she loved in India. The children she gave of herself to. The girls she rescued from prostitution. Amy was just a plain, ordinary every-day kind of woman who allowed Jesus to love and care for others through her human self. She went through times of loneliness, despair, victory, rejoicing, doubt and depression. Ultimately she did what God called her to do. She lived her life well. She is a great role model for women today.

Father, hear us, we are praying.
Hear the words our hearts are saying.
We are praying for our children.

Keep them from the powers of evil.
From the secret, hidden peril.
Father, hear us for our children.

From the whirlpool that would suck them
From the treacherous quicksand, pluck them.
Father, hear us for our children.

From the worldling's hollow gladness,
From the sting of faithless sadness,
Father, Father keep our children.

Through life's troubled waters steer them.
Through life's bitter battle cheer them.
Father, Father, be Thou near them.

I just wanted to share that prayer today. It means a lot to me.


pei girl said...

thank you Robin for sharing this beautiful prayer with us ,hope you have an awesome day Robin(hugs from the Island):0)

Becky said...

Thanks Robin. Somehow I think mothers are alike no matter where they are and what they do.

Karen said...

This is beautiful, Robin. And you've written a beautiful tribute to Amy.

Angie said...

Robin, I love that prayer. We claim that prayer for the prodigals in our lives! We still have some nephews and a son-in-law that needs the Lord!
My mother has been giving me awesome reports of kids that I knew when they were very they are young adults---and older their lives to Christ!
I look forward to the day that you send me a "smiling" e-mail with awesome news!
I pray continually.
Bless you sweet friend!

Penless Thoughts said...


Julie Fink said...

What a great testimony Amy Carmichael had!

gail@more than a song said...

Oh that makes me a little teary tonight....I'm feeling emotional for some reason. Good prayer.

Joyful said...

I really enjoyed Amy's poem..Thanks for sharing..She has the same heart I have for women.
And I also have worked with women from all walks of life and sometimes it is not an easy ministry it is worth it all to see the changes and hope in their eyes.. Joyful

Sandra said...

Beautiful prayer Robin, thank you for sharing it with us :)

Linda said...

This is indeed a beautiful prayer. I came here looking for Yorkies, and boy did I find some cuties! I just love the whole look of your blog and your "demeanor."

Anonymous said...

It really is a prayer from our hearts. I'm so glad you shared this prayer. I am praying it right now as I look at my daughter sitting across the room from me. The world presents so many diversions and challenges. Thanks be to God for His protection.

Andrea said...

I love this. I am going to make copies and give them to all the ed majors. I think it is very fitting.