Friday, October 12, 2007

Potpourri Friday

I have learned if you follow your tears, you will find your heart. If you find your heart, you will find what is dear to God. And if you find what is dear to God, you will find the answer to how you should live your life. Ken Gire

This week I picked up a book called A Chance to Die by Elizabeth Elliott. I have been looking for a book that is different from what I normally read. Something that will stretch me and grow me and, well, speak to me. I've been looking for a book that would teach me about sacrifice and service and being uncomfortable. I think I found that book. I am reading it slowly and letting the message sink in as needed. One nugget I read this week was how when Amy was a little girl her mother taught her that God will answer every prayer. She got so excited and that evening she prayed hard that God would change her brown eyes to blue. The next morning she got up and ran to the mirror, excited to see her new blue eyes and was devastated to see that her prayer had not been answered after all as her brown eyes stared back at her. Her mothers response to her was "Don't you think no is an answer?" made me wonder how many times I thought God had not answered my prayer at all when all along His answer had simply been - no.

This week we took Jess out to do senior pictures. We went to a park and the colors were just fabulous. What splendor in the breathtaking red and golden colors. There were still blooming blazing purple flowers as well. And it's just so hard to believe our baby is taking senior pictures. Empty nest - here we come.

The weekend ahead appears to be a quiet one. One never knows. I hope to just putz around the house. Cleaning a bit, sewing a bit, reading a bit. Maybe I will fix a special breakfast Saturday morning. And then again, maybe Cheerios will do. We'll see how it goes. My sweet dog Josey definitely needs a bath. She is in the fifth week of pregnancy now and that is equivelent to the fifth month in a human. Her belly is rounding and hard. You can feel little tiny movements inside. Only a few more weeks to go and we will have puppies in our home again. I do want to get outside and put my flowerbeds to bed for the winter. That one will take more than a day so it would be good to at least get started. Boise State plays again this weekend so I will nestle down in my recliner with my hand sewing and attempt once again to understand the finer points of football. It's something I'm not sure I am ever going to grasp. But it's fun to follow a winning team. "smile".

Enjoy your weekend - I'm going to enjoy mine!


Becky said...

What a great book, and great lesson to ponder. Our God is so good to know what we need, even when we don't.

Have a wonderful autumn weekend in Idaho.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Hearing no from God was a lesson my 8 year old learned this week. He prayed and prayed that he would get on the same hockey team as his best buddy. It didn't happen, but when we talked about how God sees the bigger picture in situations, he was very accepting of it.

Penless Thoughts said...

I love that quote you began with. It is new to me. Thanks for sharing it!!

pei girl said...

thank you Robin for sharing this wonderful post with us hope you have an awesome weekend.:0)(hugs from the Island)

KarenW said...

Sounds like an awesome book. I love Elizabeth Elliot but I haven't read that one.

Karen said...

Another awesome post from you, Robin! I hope you had a great weekend!

Mishel said...

I love Elizabeth Elliot...but I have never read that particular book.

I had to laugh when you said you want to understand the finer points of football. Me too! : ) In fact, I told Zach this weekend (while we were watching the LSU vs. Kentucky game) that I need to get a Football for Dummies book! LOL

Hope you had a great weekend! : )

gail@more than a song said...

Senior pictures and upcoming empty nest, big changes there! I hope you're having a great week Robin.