Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Spring Reading Challenge - 2 Book Reviews

I joined this reading challenge and now I am wondering - what in the world was I thinking? This is the busiest time of the year! I LOVE to read and I ALWAYS have a book going - but at this time of year it is going to be a true challenge to read all the books I listed. I have finished two of them however, and it is time once again to bestow upon them the infamous (or un-famous, depends on how you look at it!) Eggy awards. So here goes:

The Last Jihad by Joel Rosenberg
This book was loaned to me by a friend who really wanted me to read it. She knows I love to read. I took it cautiously because it must be said, I don't really enjoy political thrillers. This book is about an attack on the United States by extremist Muslims. What is particularly eerie about it is that it was written about 9/11 before 9/11 happened. In fact, the whole introduction to the book tells all about that. And it was an interesting read. What I didn't enjoy was the
many, many characters in the storyline. It was very hard to remember who everybody was and what part they played in the story. The story centered around a particular man who's personality I found it hard to relate to. In the end, I give this book 2 eggy's.

Freefall by Kristen Heitzmann
This book is about an actress who has an accident and has amnesia. She can't remember anything from her past. And of course there is a knight in shining armor to rescue the damsel in distress. The setting takes place in Hawaii. I always enjoy Kirsten Heitzmann's writing. It is easy to read and although the storyline is predictable I always enjoy her strong character personalities. Her writing works for me. And the fact that the setting was in Hawaii made it even more fun. I give this book 3 eggy's.

That does it for now. I have actually added a book not on my list that I am enjoying very much. You'll be hearing about that one next time.


Karen said...

That's exactly why I opted out of doing this one! I love to read, but if I post what I'm going to read, then I end up not getting to it.
I've not seen Freefall before now. I'm going to find that one to read.

Becky said...

Well, I have a pretty extensive list too. I THINK I can do it, if I just stick with it. I have a tendency to start reading OTHER books that people hand me, that are not on my list.

Of course, it is MY list.

But still ... for us task oriented people, reading a book and not being able to cross it off the paper is somewhat unsatisfying.

Mishel said...

Your reasoning is exactly why I don't join the reading challenges and I know it would frustrate me not being able to finish my list. I *do* love to see what everyone's reading though and get ideas. Thanks for sharing your reviews! : )

Angie said...

You are up on me! I have not read those! But I do have some new ones! I hope to blog them next week! Robin, I missed getting over here....THIS has been another weird crazy week!

Have a great weekend!!

Dawn said...

That's why I never join the reading challenge (though I am reading literally all the time), nor make New Year's resolutions!

Boy, I'm even behind on reading my friends' posts and commenting!

I think it's hilarious that Wal-Mart keeps replaying that game. My dad (who lived in Oklahoma for years after leaving your area) and brother, who still lives there after all these years, are rabid Oklahoma fans. They were NOT happy!

Robin @HeartofWisdom said...

At least you have a goal. Good for you.

Thanks again for your prayers. This morning I posted an update on my valley to mountain journey.