Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Knitting and Such

I don't know if it is some subconscious thing that is attacking me - now that I am going to be a gradma and all. (Technically I AM a grandma already - that little one growing in my daughter's womb IS already my grandchild. I just haven't seen him or her yet :)). Anyhow, I digress. The point is that ever since I found out my little grandbaby is on it's way - I have had an unquenchable disire to be knitting. Now some of this I blame on Becky at The Butler's Wife because she got me knitting dishcloths. And some of this I blame on Sarah of In The Midst of It because she was knitting the cutest baby things and she doesn't know it but she talked me into buying Itty Bitty Hats and now I want to knit every single one. Some of it may be that I am just so busy sewing and cross-stitching Christmas projects that I don't have time to knit yet and I always want to do what I can't be doing - isn't that just human nature?

Today I was surfing through Bloggyville and I found a very fun blog called Getting Stitched on the Farm. This is a fun place. Kristin is an accomplished knitter and author. I haven't bought one of her books yet, but her newest one, Kristin Knits, is on my list. Hear that family? It's on my LIST. Good.

She is also hosting a fabulous yarn give-away. I entered because I could really use some yarn. Because I am having a grandbaby you know. And my grandbaby will be expecting his/her grandmother to be knitting lots of warm and cozy little things. I just know that.


Becky said...

Oh, yes, he/she certainly will be. We are born with the God-given desire to be swaddled in grandma's blankets.

Until then I am looking for a pattern for beanies for young men. My boys are requesting them.

gail@more than a song said...

I'm so impressed that you and the others can knit! That isn't something I'll probably ever learn. But how fun to be making something for your sweet new little one! So exciting and you'll have to show us those cute things too.

Becky said...

Thank you for the website for beanies. I will check it out. Have fun creating!

Dawn said...

I read abaut the CD give-away too late. How sad! I loved Mandisa. How sweet that she has made a Christmas CD with him!

I used to know, but haven't for years. One of the many things I "used to do." That's an upcoming blog I've been planning for a long time!

Your little one will be blessed with beautiful hand-made things.

Willow said...

Can you believe that I haven't yet knitted ONE thing for my grandbaby? Just a sweater for the mommy, so far. Just wait, though!