Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Making a List - Checking it Twice - And a Free Baby Bib

I'm checking off my projects every day now! I shared these ornaments for my girls in my last post: They really liked them!

Every year I make a Christmas ornament for my husband's Church board members. I would love to do more to show my appreciation for their volunteer service, generosity, and care they provide for us the pastor's family. I hope that my feelings come through in some small way. They will get to pick the one they like best. This was the first time I have ever cross-stitched with beads and it was really fun. I also really like the white and gold. (Click on the picture to see a more detailed version). We will be giving these away tonight at our Annual Christmas Board dinner. I'm really glad to have these finished.

I have my sister's name for Christmas this year. She had my name last year. A couple of years ago we had both seen a beautiful wallhanging in a Christian book store that we both absolutely loved. We tried to win it in a contest they were having but neither of us did. Last year for Christmas my sister ordered the pattern and bought the fabric for the first square and that was my Christmas gift. I loved it! She mentioned that when I was finished with it she would love to borrow the pattern and make it herself. Did I mention that my sister doesn't sew? Immediately, an idea formed in my mind. My sister helped us so much with my daughter's wedding last January that I wanted to show my appreciation to her and I knew that making this quilt for her would be perfect. Then when I drew her name for Christmas this year it seemed that it was meant to be. So I began. I decided to do two wallhangings - one for her and one for me. What I didn't know was that each square was HAND-SEWN. Not one bit of machine sewing is involved until you join the panels. Good grief! And I didn't remember it being so big. This little project has taken me literally all year long. Well, I finally completed hers. Mine still has the backing to put on but I'm thinking that will wait until AFTER Christmas! Here is my sister's: I still have a small amount of hand quilting to do on it, but that won't take long (that's why there is still safety pins in it.) Whew! I'm so glad that is finished. I'm beginning to be able to breathe again.

So that leaves two bathrobes for two little boys and a little nightgown for a little girl, and two dish cloths to knit to make a set of 12 for a gift, and I think I can wrap up the 2007 Christmas craft extravaganza! Hallelujah!

And a free offer. Go here right now! I haven't heard these before but they look adorable. I am looking into getting these for my little grandbaby for next year's Christmas gift. They look adorable!

And I wanted to leave you with another beautiful Christmas song. This one is called "Some Children See Him". It's an old song but you don't hear it much anymore. Powerful words. Enjoy!


Becky said...

Your craftingpalooza has been amazing. The ornaments are so beautiful. I have never seen cross stitch with beads ... ever. I did click on them to make them bigger and the detail is exquisite.

That 'wall hangning' looks like a full sized quilt. I cannot believe you did that for your sister's present. That is an amazing present. I know she is going to be floored. I hope you have your camera ready when she opens it up. I want to see her face.

It is amazing. Robin, I just cannot believe you did all this, worked full time, took care of your husband, house, puppies, AND YOUR CHURCH!!!

You are making me look bad, sister!!

Enjoy the rest of the holiday preparation. I hope you can get some quiet, simple, reflective time WITHOUT a needle in your hand :)

Owlhaven said...

I made your candied almonds yesterday and we loved them!

Mary, mom to many

Becky said...

Yikes! Anti-jigsaw means you must have gone into fits with my coffee break today. I'll have to remember that :)

Judy said...

Robin!!! Love your blog! And of course the first thing that caught my eye was the GRANDBABY countdown 'ticker' up in the corner!!! We didn't know, and we are THRILLED!!! Congratulations!

Tara said...

Hi Mom, looking forward to seeing you soon! Did you save me some peppermint bark? :)

Karen said...

Oh, I love those cross-stitch ornaments! I've never attempted the beading, either, and yours are just lovely. The wall hanging is gorgeous! You're a very talented lady!

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

I love all these ornaments, and I'm really partial to the first one - I love that quiet snowy scene.

Guess what? You're about to add four of my Santa stars to your collection!

Congratulations, Robin. Want to email me your mailing address?


Kelli said...

Wow! You have been busy! The ornaments are so sweet, I love the night sky and the gold star! Everyone will love the gifts you made for them!