Thursday, December 13, 2007

Potpourri Friday

Oh what a week! I have had something to go to every single night. 'Tis the Season after all!

My husband and I went on our annual over-night Christmas shopping extravaganza last weekend and we had an awesome time. It greatly helps him to break up the shopping into "segments" with things like dinner, a movie, breakfast, and lunch thrown in the middle of it all. He is a good sport really - he just has that "man gene" that dislikes shopping malls. Making our shopping trip an overnight get-away was one of the better ideas we have ever come up with. He was greatly encouraged to have two sons-in-law to shop for this year. After 26 years of daughters this was greatly refreshing to him. It was weird for me. I was glad to have my husband along for this new adventure.

One of the fun things we did was see the movie, "Dan in Real Life". If you have not seen this movie - you really should. It was so, so, so, so good. My husband even loved it. It was funny, sad, sweet, happy, and makes you want to see it all over again when it is done. If you have time this Christmas season and are looking for a great family film - this one should do it for you.

Tonight we are taking two of our "adopted" grandkids Christmas shopping to find gifts for their parents. I'm looking forward to this. They each have a certain amount of money to spend and I'm sure it will be great fun to see what they choose. Then we will come home and wrap the gifts for them to take home and put under their tree. I think watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and munching on some gingerbread cookies will be squeezed in too. In my book there is nothing like doing fun Christmas-y things with a six and an eight year old.

I was so thrilled yesterday to find out that I was the lucky winner of these Santa Stars. Made by Barb herself! Barb of A Chelsea Morning. My goodness - I didn't even know how to behave. I was beyond excited! She is practically famous you know. And she picked me. Or the random number generator thingy picked me. Whatever. I won! I can't wait to receive these sweet little ornaments in my mailbox!

This week in my devotions, I have been reading the Christmas story from the different gospels. Usually I always read Luke chapter 2. But it is fun to read it in the other gospels as well - it sheds new light on a familiar topic. This morning I was reading from the book of Matthew. It made me think a lot about Joseph and what a man of integrity he was. So often we focus on Mary and the emotions and feelings she experienced. I can see why God chose Joseph to father Jesus. Won't it be fun to visit with him in Heaven?

This weekend holds lots of excitement. Besides the afore mentioned shopping trip we are going to Jessica's drama class's presentation of a living interactive Nativity. I've not been to one of those before and it sounds like fun. We are having our church candy-sacking (we sack candy in brown paper bags and give them away on Sunday morning) Christmas party where we play the white-elephant gift game - it is ALWAYS hysterically fun. And then on Sunday morning we have our children's Christmas program. Always a blessing. Somewhere in there I'm going to squeeze in some quality time with my BFF Bernina. We have some serious Christmas presents to finish! And oh, I AM going to get my Christmas cards finished this weekend - I am - I promise!

And then Netflix had to go and bring us the first two discs of LOST season three. How in the world I am going to fit this in is beyond me. But we have to watch season three since season two left us hanging. We have to know things like what is going to happen to Jack and Kate? And is Sawyer really as uncaring and selfish as he lets on? And what in the world happened to the psychologist - did she really die? And did Walt really betray his friends? Is he really going to get away?

Perhaps I really only need 2 hours of sleep a night.

And then in any spare seconds I have left, I will be busy taking pictures and writing a post for this:
Christmas Tour of Homes I can't wait! Truly - I can't wait to see what your beautiful homes look like this time of the year!


Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Famous? Me? LOL You crack me up, Robin. I was true to my word and put your little Santas in the mail yesterday. So you should get them right away, maybe even tomorrow.

Luke's version of the Christmas story is my favorite, too, but every year, I find myself reading it from all the other perspectives too.

Yes, I've always thought Joseph must have been a very fine man. If you haven't seen The Nativity Story that came out last year, you'd love it. I love the way Joseph is portrayed in that movie.

Andrea said...

Hey! It's my first time at your blog, but I thought I'd say hi anyways! I really like you blog already...and it sounds like you had fun Christmas shopping! I'd think I'd have more fun shopping if I didn't have to spend any money! hehe :)

gail@more than a song said...

I'm so excited you won the Santa stars, I bet you'll love them!
We are having our live nativity at church this Sunday night.
Several people have told us the Dan movie was good and I hope we get a chance to see it.
Lost, oh my goodness, I'm addicted and want some closure on it! I think the season might be delayed starting and I wasn't happy with the direction it was going at the end of last season!