Thursday, January 31, 2008

Such a Miracle

Chuck and I went with Michelle and Brad to her 21 week ultrasound. What can I say? To watch my little grandbaby move and turn and kick and bring it's little hands to its face over and over again was more incredible than I ever imagined. Somehow it made it all more real. I have a sweet, growing, moving little grandbaby! I am a grandmother! When it came time to see if it is a boy or a girl, everyone opted not to know. Except me. I know what this sweet little baby is! Just me, God, and the doctor know who this child is. What a sweet and important responsibility I now bear. What a precious secret I hold. And I know what color fabric and yarn to use as I make this loved little child so many sweet things.

As I am passing the torch of motherhood off to my daughter, and as I prepare to enter the realm of grandparenting, I am amazed at the passing of time. I understand that I will always be a mother. My children will still need me to be their mother - just in different ways than before. They no longer need me to make their meals and wash their clothes and take them to Sunday School. But they do still need me to live my life as an example before them, to give them sound, spiritual advice when they ask, and give them my blessing. Oh how we long to have our parents blessing upon our lives. And now I am needed to be the best grandmother I can be. How thrilling this whole idea is. I want to be a grandparent who gives lots and lots of love - not lots and lots of things. I want to spend time - not money with this child. I want to have a relationship that will be meaningful and helpful in the growing up years of this sweet one. I want to sit back and watch my daughter mother this child. Pardon me as I bask in this whole incredible thing that is happening in our lives - I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and inadequate and so very, very blessed.


Penless Thoughts said...

Bask away, Robin. It's such a joy to be a part along the way. Guess you'll be spending a lot of time "hiding" yarn and fabric!!!!

Angie said...

Robin...I so know how you feel! What a blessing. Grandchildren are so GRAND! The Lord is good.
I am glad you will be such fun getting ready for him/her!

Karen said...

Oh, Robin, this is so beautiful and I know you will be all those things to your new grandbaby! What a beautiful secret to have! I can feel the joy and excitement in your life right now. God is so good and your little grandbaby just has no idea the beautiful world that's in store for him or her.

gail@more than a song said...

Isn't it just the most amazing thing! And what a secret you have...your post is beautifully written and making me a little teary too! I loved it.
How fun that you'll get to be so close and see them often; that's a real gift.

A Chelsea Morning said...

I loved reading this, Robin, because it brought back, so clearly, all the feelings I had when I was waiting for Cameron to be born. And now here I am, one month away from welcoming the second grandchild.

I don't know how they can stand not knowing the baby's sex - knowing our new baby is a girl has been so much fun.

kittyhox said...

What a beautiful post. Probably my favorite that you've ever written.

Being someone's mommy is the most precious earthly gift and it's so nice to read your thoughts and realize that it really is the role of a LIFETIME and that each season brings with it new joys and responsibilities. I hate the thought of my child (and future children) leaving the nest and then, that's it. My job is finished. But it isn't! I should have known that God had a better plan than that.

And you're so right! As a wife and new mother, I need my own mother in a whole new way.

By the way, have you made public your chosen "title" or are you waiting until the big day?


Becky said...

Oh, you are acting exactly the way I will be acting some day. I just love this whole stage and watching you and others in it with you. I am excited for you Robin. I am dying to know ... but I will be patient with everyone else. That is wonderful that they are waiting for that One Big Reward at the end of the labor "It's a Girl!" Or "It's a Boy!"

So precious. Knit, knit, sew, sew.

Karen said...

Oh Robin, your words just make me cry. There truly is nothing more precious than a new baby in the family. How wonderful you were able to see this child. You'll hold that moment in your heart forever.

Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

Robin, I am so happy for you that you were invited to see your new grandchild during the ultrasound. (I envey you ;-) I will have to wait until the birth to meet our new little guy! I am getting kindof nervous as Erin has asked me to be her Doula and labor support. (of course Micah (SIL) and midwife will be there as well doing most of the work ;-) Eeeekkkkk!! I birthed three of our own babies and attended the births of my girlfriend's 3 youngest children. I think, however, watching our own daughter go through the birthing process is going to be a whole different story!! I am really praying I will be a good support and a blessing. Isn't it funny how you already feel so connected to this baby...I feel ownership already... and it's not "my" baby!!! This grandma thing is interesting.