Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Idol - A Soon to be Grandma's Guide to the Top 11

Another week of Beatle's songs. I think that was stretching it. Just a bit. But oh well. Here is my overview of the evening.

Amanda Overmeyer - Back in the USSR - Oh Amanda, honey. You just have to do something different. Stop with the Janis impersonation. But you know what? It was pretty apparent in her comments, she is not changing anything. She is looking for her opportunity to "sell tickets". I don't think she plans on winning this competition - she is just using it to her advantage. No a bad game plan if you are that set on what you want to do.

Kristy Lee Cook - You've Got to Hide Your Love Away - She did better than last week. But she sounded like she was singing way too low for her voice. I don't know - I don't think she can hang on another week. But - love the hair!

David A. - Long and Winding Road - Okay, for weeks now this kid has been reminding me of somebody. It's just been nagging at me. And I figured it out. Actually my sister-in-law figured it out for me. David A. looks just like my nephew Grayson! Check it out!

Isn't that weird! And they are not too far apart in age either LOL. All Grayson has to do is spike his hair a little bit and he can be David A. for Halloween this year!
David did a great job on his song by the way. Loved it.

Michael Johns - A Day in the Life Simon said it best when he said it was "complicated". It didn't work well IMO.

Brooke White - Here Comes the Sun What a silly little song. I used the word awkward before Simon did - poor girl just didn't know what to do with herself. But really, there was no where for her to go but down after last week.

David Cook - Daytripper Just don't care for this guy's music. It reminds me of Amanda - the same every week. And somebody please - help his hair!

Carly Smithson - BlackbirdBeautiful. This girl has an amazing range. I loved her rich, sultry, deep notes. Simon and Paula acted really weird about this song - I don't know what was going on with them. I thought she did great.

David Castro - Michelle Simon said it best when he said "Your face sold that." He is such a cutie. David - not Simon. He didn't do the best job - but it was okay.

Sayesha - Yesterday Finally! Sayesha did a great job on this song and really showed off her vocal skills. I was getting a little worried for her. But this should keep her on another week anyway.

Chikezie - “I’ve Just Seen A Face” The judges didn't like it - but I did. I thought it was great - and his mama loved it too! I just love his mama!

Ramiele Malubay - “I Should’ve Known Better - Big voice in a little body. I thought Ramiele did good tonight. Not great. But good. Her pants bothered me. They were all bunched up around her thighs. Then I realized - she has such short little legs, her pants were too long and maybe she didn't have time to hem them - LOL.

I predict the Bottom 3 will be:


I predict Kristy will leave.

And I hope, hope, hope, hope we are done with the Beatles music. Let's get on with it!


gail@more than a song said...

I think Beatles music again was stretching it, a lot! Right on with all of this...Brooke indeed had no where to go but down, it just wasn't as good as last week. David Archuleta was the best I saw, still haven't seen the last 3 sing and I have it on tivo. I wish Amanda would go tonight! It could be her or Kristy I think, and poor Kristy; she was better than last week but has been at the bottom so much, I don't know how long she can hold on.

The Hunter's Wife said...

I found you from Blessed. That is too funny the 2 pictures look very much alike.

Becky said...

As you know I am a newbie watcher ... first season as a fan. I too predict Kristi will go tonight. She can take Amanda with her as far as I'm concernced.

Cobblestones said...

That is really funny how much your nephew looks like David! I agree with your review!

Barb said...

I was shocked when Carly was in the bottom three tonight, but not a bit surprised that Amanda is out.

I agree - she was just too stubborn to realize that she was getting redundant.

My personal favorite is Brooke. I love her voice and she's just so nice.

But if I'm honest, I think David Cook is the best singer in this competition. His hair is unfortunate, but he can really sing.

Mishel said...

I thought the same thing about doing Beatles songs again! Enough already!

I wasn't surprised either that Amanda went home tonight.

Dawn said...

I love your comments. David does look like Grayson! He is so cute. I worry about him using up his voice, though.

I"m so glad Amanda's gone. She was on my very last nerve. Can you imagine her being your nurse??

I like Carly's voice, but her right arm is so distracting!

I love Jason, but the dreds are distracting! He is a cutie.

I can't figure out who's gonna take this one, but I wish it could be Brooke. Except I think it would ruin her life, being on the road.