Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol - A Soon to be Grandma's Guide to the Final 6

Lord Andrew Lloyd Weber Night!!!!! I was SOOOOOOO excited!!! Lord Andrew is phenomenal and what an honor for these 6 performers to learn from such a talented and gifted artist. His music is unrivaled in my opinion. So what a fun night to grab a bowl of popcorn and curl up in the recliner and listen to music that has stories in it. I just love music with stories in it.

Seyesha opened the night singing One Rock and Roll Too Many. Wow! Seyesha you found your place! What a fun song for you. She had awesome facial expression, body expression, and vocal expression. She is a Broadway girl - no doubt about it.

Jason Castro sang Memory - but it wasn't very memorable. I said it last week - I think Jason has shown us all he has.

Brooke sang You Must Love Me - well, yes I guess we must Brooke. But I didn't love your performance so much tonight. I felt so bad for her for forgetting the words at the beginning - it threw her for the rest of the night. But like Jason - I think you have plateaued.

David A sang Think of Me. I was really waiting for David because I knew this music would be perfect for him. He did a fun original arrangement and it was lighthearted but yet, soulful. I loved it.

Carly sang Superstar. I kept losing her voice in the chorus. Randy liked her arrangement but I wasn't too impressed.

David C knocked it out of the park with Music of the Night. I closed my eyes and the phantom appeared. This young man is extremely talented. And I have to say that even though I don't always enjoy his style of music, I cannot and will not deny his talent. I think he is the one to beat.

I predict the bottom three will be:
Jason, Brooke, and Carly

I think Brooke will go home.

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terri said...

I LOVE Jason, but I agree with you that he may be nearing the end, along with Brooke.

Becky said...

It gets so hard at this point. They are all so good when they are really "on". But someone has to go.

I agree it needs to be Brook. I love her, but she is just not taking the pressure. She has been off for a couple of weeks now. And Jason is adorable and I love him. But he is too "oh,well" to be an Idol. Talented on a smaller stage with his guitar and a few friends. He won't make it much longer.

So one of those two will go. I could not pick a 3rd bottom. I loved everyone else. But I do think Sayesha was the top performer, with David C last night. So we shall see how it all comes out tonight.

Having fun here!!!

Tamara said...

What a fun night! I agree with you on all your comments. It's been a good season, in terms of talent, but I believe that Brooke & Jason have reached their plateau.

Tiffany said...

I couldn't agree more! You hit it right on the nose! Jason was my favorite but through the process I am really really loving David Cook.

Dawn said...

We are totally on the same wave length with this one - I fear Brooke is on her way home, or Jason. But the two of them the next two weeks, barring a miracle. This is the second time Brooke has biffed it. I really don't like Carly that much - and you're right, her voice got lost in the back-up. Much of it sounded off key to me. Jason's was too low for him. I don't like David Brook's choices, but he is sure good. Last night was wonderful for hum.

Tiffany said...

Im going to run to Micheals today because I ran out of ribbon that would match my paper. Im going to to another tutorial step by step. It will probably be up around 3:00 ish.

Barb said...

I agree completely, including the bottom three and I strongly suspect Brooke will go home. Too bad because I truly like her, but she's just not comfortable with this level of competition.

gail@more than a song said...

I was excited about ALW and the musical theater stuff...oh I groaned and felt so bad for Brooke when she started and stopped. As much as I didn't think I'd say it a while back, I think maybe her time has come. I too think Jason might be in the bottom but not sure if the other will be Syesha or Carly.

Kelli said...

I was surprised by the bottom two, I thought it should have been Jason and Brooke. Oh, I thought David Cook did a fantastic job, I have been humming songs from the Phantom of the Opera all day, I need to dig out my CD's or watch the movie...have you seen it? It's wonderful!