Friday, April 18, 2008

Potpourri Friday

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin. Zechariah 4:10

I found this verse last week and decided to claim it as my own. It fits my life right now on so many levels. And I love when I find scripture that I have never noticed before. God's Word is alive and works in our lives in amazing ways. It is uncomprehendable that God - the Creator of the Universe - takes note of the small things that are happening in our lives. And reaches down to give encouragement, love, and support along the way. I love Him so much.
As you know, if you read my blog regularly that is, I have started writing my book. And there is nothing like starting a book to make you realize how very far you have to go. But the verse above gives me so much encouragement as I realize that God Himself is rejoicing in my very small beginning. That is something I feel very strongly about this whole endeavor. I have God's approval. This is part of the plans that He has for me. God is so good. I hope to spend some time this weekend working on it more. My goal is to have the first chapter finished by the beginning of May. A chapter a month is what I want to accomplish at this point.
One other thing that keeps happening regarding my book is also worthy of mention. The topic that my book is about is something that I don't know a lot about. So I have been having to research it. Let me just say that blogs are an incredible source of information! But also, lately I have been receiving information that I haven't even requested. I have picked up magazines and while browsing through them, suddenly there is an article pertaining to my topic. Or in casual conversation, people I have know for years suddenly disclose that they have dealt with the topic personally. It's been amazing to me.

Our youngest daughter Jess left this week to spend some time in Boston with her sister. So our nest is very quiet and empty and it is giving us a taste of what is to come. A small beginning in the journey that is ahead. Last evening as Chuck and I were sitting together just talking, alone, in our very quiet house, our very pregnant daughter called to tell us that she and her husband had just attended their first birthing class. They were so excited. And it occurred to us that as they were just beginning their family journey, ours was coming to an end.


But I have to say that we are not sad in any way about this change. We are joyful as we watch our kids be who God intended them to be. And we remember how exciting it was for us as we began our adult journey. We are happy for them. And we look forward in anticipation to what this new chapter of life has for us.

Spring is making a very small beginning in our neck of the woods. Very small. It gets a little warm and gives us a taste of what is ahead, and then the wind comes and the temperature drops and suddenly spring seems far away. I am determined to save my lilacs this year - last year they froze before they could bloom. So every night I cover them all up with my quilts and flannel sheets. I want to enjoy them this year!

Do you realize that our first grandbaby will be here in about 8 weeks. My, that takes my breath away. A little baby to snuggle and hold, and kiss and love on. I can hardly wait. I am finishing my baby projects. The problem is that I just keep finding more. I can't wait until I can share them with you after the baby is here. And I'm so glad that Andrea and Jayson are going to find out who their little one is and not keep it a secret! Oh my, I can hardly wait!

I wanted to save the best news for last. This week we received some stunningly (is that a word?) hard news regarding a family member. Cancer. Stage 4. Dismal prognosis. I felt as though I had been kicked hard in the stomach. Tears flowed. Disbelief set in. She was too young. She has kids. She has a family. This just couldn't be happening. Please God not yet. Not now. We prayed so hard. We prayed and prayed. Today the results came back and Praise God - the cancer, although it is bad, is contained. Surgery is required but no chemo, no radiation. My goodness - such a relief - it's hard to put it into words. Thank you God that her time to leave was not now. Thank you God for a new beginning. Thank you God. Thank you You are so good and today we praise You that one of your Your mighty names is Jehovah Rophi - Healer.

Tonight my husband and I are kicking off the weekend right. We are going to see this movie and have some dinner at this restaurant. Then tomorrow we are going to sleep in until 7:00 and then get up and enjoy some coffee together. Then I hope to get a small amount of housework done, spend some time on my writing, and then some time in my sewing room working on - you guessed it - baby things! Oh life is good. Life is very good indeed.

Happy Weekend!


Becky said...

Have fun on your date. Sounds like good choices. I saw an interview with Ben Stein about his film. Looks very intersting. I think it is one we'd enjoy too.

Eat a bread stick for me!

Donnetta (momrn2) said...

Thank you for sharing this verse! I have not noticed it before either (that I recall). It says so much in so few words.

Sounds like a relaxing weekend ahead! Enjoy!

Karen said...

Enjoy your weekend. It sounds just lovely -- dinner date, a good movie (so I've heard -- would like to see it) and time writing and sewing, perfecting your crafts. Ahh. Good for you on taking charge of your writing goal! May I pre-order a copy?

Dawn said...

Please fill us in on the movie - we've been hearing a lot about this very important project. Isn't Ben Stein the incredibly boring teacher on Wonder Years?

It is awesome when we find a nugget hidden in Scripture.

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gail@more than a song said...

What a neat verse! New one to me but I loved what you said about all the beginnings, so true. And I'm so excited for you that your baby will be here soon; I know you can't wait and there's just nothing like it!
Hope y'all had fun...don't think I've heard of that movie though.