Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol - A Soon to be Grandma's Guide to the Top 7

Tonight was Mariah Carey night. One question.
How is it that God would give one person the talent to use her voice over 5 octaves and another person no ability to even achieve one octave? Just wondering.

The group was really good tonight. All of them. We started off the eveing with

David A. singing When You Believe. He sang through lots of scales and did a tremendous job. He always seems so nervous before and after he sings but while he is singing he is confident and definitely in his element. He has amazing talent.

Carly sang Without You. I really liked it but Carly did seem like she was just being a little too careful with herself tonight. I thought she could have opened up just a little more.

Sayesha sang Vanishing. I never thought Sayesha would make it quite this far but I'm glad she has because I think she has really come into her own these last couple of weeks. She wins the award for most improved.

Brooke sang Hero. She seemed shaky and like she tried too hard. I think she will be in the bottom three.

Kristy Lee sang Forever. She looked beautiful and she sang beautiful. This was my favorite performance of hers. I totally disagreed with Randy and Simon - what were they thinking?

David Cook sang Always Be My Baby. Absolutely stunning performance. Best performance of the evening for sure. I think he might win this whole thing.

Jason C sang I Don't Want to Cry. I love Jason. I want to adopt him. But sadly, I think we have heard the best of him. He never changes his style or approach to his music. It was good but his performances just are not moving up - they are staying the same.

I predict that Jason, Carly, and Brooke will be in the bottom three.

I think Carly may be the one to go home this week.

And Paula was having a good night tonight. Thank goodness.


Amy said...

I love David Cook. But I also enjoyed Jason's performance. Not a fan of Kristy. Great recap!

Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

I think David Cook will win also! I like your bottom three, but the girls loooove Jason Castro. I don't get it myself!

Jen said...

I hope you are wrong about Jason being in the bottom 3. I just love him. I agree that he doesn't really change his style very much but neither does Kristy (all country all the time). David Cook is really the only one that tries to mix it up each week.

Becky said...

I thought all the girls were weak last night. Very weak. Any of them could go. The Davids were the only really strong Idol-esque performances in my opinion.

It will be one of the girls, or Jason, who gave his weakest performance yet, who will be booted. As much as I love him, he will never make it to the end. David Cook will probably win the whole thing.


Tamara said...

I agree with you on almost everything. Both Davids are excellent, but I'm rooting for David Cook. I thought Brooke was the weakest of the night.

Melzie said...

I agree with most of it ;) thanks for blogging ai :) xoxo melzie

gail@more than a song said...

I didn't get to watch last night! I have it tivo'd for when I get home, if I make it that long...so reading recaps but not watching results tonight so la-la-lalala! I'm trying not read anything online about who's out...that didn't work for Dancing with the stars though, I accidentally saw that one.
Good recap and from what I can tell from reading them, the girls were weak. And I'm afraid Brooke might go, don't think she'll win but think there are others that should go out before her.

Dawn said...

I just love David Archulets - could squeeze him. But he's just so young to be out there in the wicked world touring!

I couldn't believe somebody called me just as DAvid Cook was singing, and I never got back to see what the huge deal was about his song. HE's okay, but I just am not in to him that much. I really love Brooke, but she wasn't that strong this time. My son thinks she's a real flake. She does emote a lot. She wants everyone to be there forever.

America got it right, I think. But Kristy definitely did better this week.

You're right about Mariah - it's funny how many songs I didn't know she or Dolly had written when they were sung.

Barb said...

Well now that we know the results, I guess I wasn't surprised Krisy Lee went home. But I think she has a beautiful voice and have no doubt she'll get a recording contract.

I think this is going to come down to David Archuletta and David Cook and I seriously hope David Cook wins. He's amazing.

Kelli said...

We are fans of American Idol too, I was so upset when Michael Johns got voted off, but I LOVE David Cook too and hope he wins! I also like David A. and Carly.

Just Me said...

Wow Robin....way to go..but you lost me! I stopped watching the Idols a couple of years ago. If I do watch now, it's usually when it's down to the last four or five. This year I havne't seen any - do I still get to read your blog?? ( smile!!)...anyways, just wanted you to know I was still dropping in - just not always leavig a comment, but stillreading !