Monday, April 14, 2008

Pond Pitty Party

When we moved into our newly built house almost 9 years ago, one of the things I wanted more than anything was a pond. And right below our front window there was a little alcove area that was the perfect size and place to put one. So we did. At the time I had absolutely no idea how much work ponds were. Now I do. Let me just tell you, they are a lot of work. A lot.

This weekend was the first really nice weekend we have had this year. And so Saturday was deemed "Pond Cleaning and Upkeep Day". Ugh. First of all, we (my best husband in all the world helped) had to empty all the yucky, scummy water that had sat all winter. We used a bucket until we got to the bottom and then we pulled out the trusty Rainbow vacumn cleaner to pump out the rest. Then we had to scrub the sides of the liner, rinse it, and empty out that water. We cleaned the filter. Last fall we had discovered the pump had decided to pump its last bit of water ever. We needed to shop for a new pump. No problem. We jumped in the car and ran to town. We went to store #1. No pumps that would fit our system. We went to store #2. Same problem. We went to store #3. Apparently all the folks at the pond pump factory have joined in on a conspiracy. They realized if they changed the design of their pumps every so often, then when folks had to replace them they would also have to purchase new filters, hoses, and all the other pond paraphenelia. Ah, but they hadn't considered my husband. He finally chose a pump and converted it to fit the materials we had at home. Of course, to install the new pump we had to remove lots of heavy rocks to hide the hoses so that the pond looks like God planted it there. When we remove the rocks lots of debris fall into the pond. So back into the pond I go to clean it out. Again. Finally the moment arrives. We fill it with water. We plug in the pump. Voila'! The waterfall is running, the pond looks serene, we are finished. We sit on the porch swing and admire our work. We discuss how maybe it is worth it after all, to go through all this work so we can sit on the swing and enjoy it the rest of the summer. Our one day project had turned into a two day project - but just look at it - it is beautiful!

This morning before I left for work I opened the blinds in the living room so I could get a glimpse of our newly restored pond. Perhaps I would even take a picture to share on my blog today.

The pond is empty.

We had a lot of wind last night and it seems the wind blew the water coming off the waterfall to the side instead of letting the water go back into the pond. Today as I am stiff and sore and can hardly move, due to lifting heavy rocks and climbing in and out of my pond, I am really, seriously wondering if this is all worth it.

At the moment - I'm voting - not.


Becky said...

Oh, I'm sorry. These things always seem to be more work than we thought, you know. It is the same reason why we have always known we did NOT want a pool, despite the use we'd get out of it down here. People think we are crazy until they get one themselves and have all that work.

I hope you can figure out the problem and get it working again. It is the reward for all your efforts.

Karen said...

Oh, geez. How frustrating that must be. I've never considered all the work that would go into those little ponds, but they sure are pretty!

Dawn said...

My vote is NOT. Same as having a swimming pool (which I would never afford or use, but I've seen how much work they are!). Well, I hope it works from now on. Poor you!

I went back and redid the rest of my post, in case you're interested!

Dawn said...
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Mishel said...

What a bummer!! It made me think of our pool--the pump went out a few weeks ago, my hubby got a new one and got the pool all cleaned and it looked so refreshing. But it's been *very* windy here the past two days and now the pool isn't looking so good. : (

Angie said...

Robin, sorry about all the mess you had to deal with but it gave you something wonderful to share!...and think of all the muck we each have in our lives...okay, maybe just mine. I got me some muck. And when I have to deal with the clean-out of it all...well, let's just say I am a mess. But the Lord does the clean-up and restoration so that when the "spiritual" water is flowing again....then it's truly good. But I have to "work at it" to keep it that way. Girl, you have preached me a "life sermon" w/o even knowing it!
Love you Robin!