Monday, April 28, 2008

Too Good to Be True

Too good to be true. Miley Cyrus's wholesome career that is. I'm sure you have all heard in the news about Miley's photo shoot. The one that she apparently didn't know was going to turn out the way it did because according to a magazine source, “Cyrus felt that she was in eminently good hands.” I'm sorry - I don't buy it. I don't buy it for a minute. Poor Miley and her parents have succumbed to success and fame and what it takes to "make it" in Hollywood. Don't tell me that as she was being photographed with nothing on but a bedsheet, she didn't know what those pictures would look like. And even if she didn't, because she is only 15, her parents did. Supposedly, they were with her on the set. What were they thinking? Isn't it their highest priority to protect their daughter; to keep her from making foolish decisions. There is no money or fame or success this side of heaven that would convince me that it would be okay to compromise my underage daughter. I have raised 4 daughters. And we had some hard financial times. And I repeat there is no money anywhere that I ever would have taken to ruin my daughters life. I would rather eat beans forever and shop at thrift stores the rest of my life. I would do without anything I had to in order to raise my daughter to be a woman of integrity. I think most of us would.

It's all just so sad. I remember when Brittney started out so innocent too. I remember when she was young and told the world how important it was for her to save herself for marraige. Money and success hasn't led her down a very happy path.

The whole thing just breaks my heart. For her, for her parents, for her fans. I feel so sad for my little nieces who have just loved her. A reporter on the news show I was watching said he suspected this was a carefully crafted event because the truth is that she cannot stay sweet and young forever if she wants to continue making money and being famous.

So that is the cost.

Fame and fortune will buy you every material thing you could ever desire but it will steal from you everything good and virtuous you could be.

Is it worth it?

Okay, I'm getting off my soapbox now. There are just some things that set me off - and exploiting little girls is one of them. Back to regular scheduled programming now.


Becky said...

You know what, exploiting a girl/woman of any age sets me off. I heard the news this morning, the same as you, that at some point a girl has to make the transition.

So apparently this transition they are speaking of is going from becoming a wholesome, innocent young girl to a semi-pornographic exploitation of oneself in order to make it in the world.

I so agree with you. My 17 yr-old son said something about 6 months ago. He said, "I wonder how long it will be before she steps off this world and into the next."

As we talked about it he explained that she was bound to end up like all the rest, and that made him sad because she was such a lovely girl and good role model.

I told him I thought her parents were more grounded than that. Boy was I wrong. So sad.

Lisa B. said...

I like beans!

Dawn said...

So somehow I totally missed yesterday's post.

I caught a bit of this today and meant to send it to my daughter, whose tiny little girls have become Hannah fans. I don't approve, but can't seem to make myself understood. I have worried about this very thing from the beginning of her popularity. Just too good to be true - too young, too vulnerable. I want to horsewhip her parents!

Ashleigh said...

This whole thing is just so sad to me. My heart aches for this girl. That last point of yours... SO good and true.

gail@more than a song said...

This was sad to me too. She was the one I was hoping would be different and not give in to all the world things. Britney was one and I totally think Jessica Simpson's father gave in and became too worldy, and I was disappointed b/c he'd been a pastor!
I guess Miley's parents shouldn't have left the shoot, as they said they did....maybe it'll wake them up.