Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol - A Soon to be Grandma's Guide to the Top 3

Tonight we were down to three. And each one sang three songs - one picked by the judges, one picked by the performer and one picked by the shows producers. Each song was scaled down to a minute and a half - which makes it hard to get into the song in my opinion. Here is my review:

Round One
David Cook sang Simon's choice: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - interesting song pick especially since Simon always chastises the performers for picking out old music that isn't contemporary enough. But it was interesting to see David sing something completely out of his genre. And he did a totally awesome job.

Randy chose If I Ain't Got You for Sayesha. She did good. But there is something about her voice that starts sounding a bit screechy after a while. She is talented though. Just not enough.

Paula chose And So It Goes for David A. He did a phenomenal job and it showed off his talent greatly. Paula chose a great song for him.

Round One Winner: David Cook followed closely by David A.

Round Two

David Cook chose Dare You to Move. I didn't care for it too much and I even thought he hit a flat note in the beginning of it.

David A. chose With You. His vocals were good but it didn't seem like his type of song at all. Even so, he did a good job with it.

Sayesha chose Fever. Dumb choice. She did a good job but what exactly is she selling? Her voice or....ahem....something else?

Round Two Winner: David A. followed closely by David Cook.

Round Three

The producers chose I Don't Want to Miss a Thing for David Cook. It was okay - I didn't care for the song - but he did great with it.

Hit Me Up was chosen for Sayesha. The judges didn't like it - but I thought it was her best performance of the evening. And the song fit her.

David A. sang Longer. I really liked it. This is where Simon started complaining about it being an older song - whatever - his own choice for David Cook was an older song too. I thought David sang it extremely well.

Round Three Winner
David A. followed closely by David Cook.

So according to my review I think Sayesha will be voted off tonight.

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gail@more than a song said...

Syesha is totally going home this time! It will be the 2 Davids in the finals and I think the show/producers/judges have been hoping for that for quite a while now. They are probably the best 2 in it this year.

Tammy said...

Yes, I totally think Syesha was selling more than her voice. She is much better suited for Broadway type appearances than making and selling albums.

I am pulling for David Cook.

Linda said...

I agree with Tammy. No fair playing the beautiful sexy card.

Mishel said...

I'm on the west coast, so I don't know who got voted off yet tonight--but I agree, I think it's going to be Sayesha.

Dawn said...

You hit the nail on the head again. I wish David A would win, but I doubt he will. But then I kind of wish he'd just go home and finish high school! I just read that his dad is a royal pain in the neck around the set!

I'm sure David C will never have to go back to bar tending!