Friday, May 9, 2008

Potpourri Friday

This month is going by quickly - just like I knew it would. Time always goes fast when you need more of it. The countdown to Jess's graduation is begun. I have no more weekends at home this month so that means everything will have to be done after work. Sigh. I'm not so good about getting things done after work. We have been working in the yard, cleaning up the gardens, and sprucing up the outdoor areas in anticipation of the big party we will throw on the 25th. I had hoped to make a scrapbook chronicling Jess's first 18 years, but as I haven't even started that - it is doubtful. I have ordered the cake. That's good isn't it? Cake is important. Right?

Last night my husband and I turned one of my garden beds into a salsa garden. We planted tomatoes, jalapeno's, cilantro, and onions. Everything you need to make a great salsa. Except for the lime. But as far as I know no one has had any luck with lime trees here in the northwest. So I still have to buy the limes. But how fun will it be when we get the craving for salsa and we can just run out to the garden and pick all the ingredients - except the lime of course. The recipe I love is very simple. I just chop in very small pieces all the above ingredients. I also remove the seeds from the jalapeno's because that is what makes a jalapeno hot - and I'm not a big fan of hot. And I squeeze the juice of a couple limes over it all. And if I'm feeling fancy I mash up a couple of avacodo's into it. It makes the best fresh dip ever and it's such a nice summer appetizer. You can use it with chips, or put it on salads or sandwiches. Or you can eat it plain. It's that good. And you can make it last minute - it's very quick and easy.

This weekend is our church board retreat. It's just overnight for one night at our church campground. I am going to go along and just spend some time writing. I don't have to go to the business meetings so I think I can get quite a bit done. And I'm going to try and NOT think about all the things at home that need to be done - that won't be getting done - because I chose instead to go spend some time in the mountains. Everyone needs to get away for a little while right? Even if they have a million things to be done at home. For their last child's high school graduation party. And they have no more weekends to get it all done. It's a good choice right? Right?

I started using a new site meter for my blog. My previous one was difficult for me to understand. I'm now using StatCounter and I love it. One of the fun features on it is that you can look and see what people are searching for that brings them to your blog. Surprisingly to me the biggest by far search topic that is bringing people to my sight is "grandma names". My goodness. I had no idea when I wrote this little post, what a hot topic grandma names are. You have no idea the conversations I have had with people about it. There are some very strong opinions on grandma names out there. Who knew? I have decided on my grandma name. I am going to be Mia. My husband hasn't decided yet - I don't think it matters to him very much. He's more concerned with purchasing a docking station for the baby car seat to put in his pickup. When I asked him why he wanted that he said it would be good so he could take the baby "around with him" in his truck. I'm not sure where he is planning on taking a baby around too - but isn't that a sweet idea!

Some other keyword searches on my blog include:

Weird eating habits
Strange eating habits
America's weird food habits
weird eating

Are you noticing a theme here? I don't know what to think about that.

I haven't posted about this yet - and I don't know why because I am totally excited about it. Next weekend I am attending a Beth Moore Living Proof event! I can hardly wait. Travis Cottrell will be there as well. Several ladies from my church are going and two of my daughters are joining me. I think it will be a phenomenol weekend and I will let you know all about it.

And what did you think about poor Jason getting voted of AI this week? I saw it coming. As much as I started out liking him - he just didn't seem to improve any. And his attitude was strange. And sometimes he seemed kind of like a big dufas. But I have to say that I have downloaded two of his songs on to my iPod - and he is the only contestant I have downloaded songs from - so that's saying something. And if he makes an album I will probably buy it. And it was fun getting to know him.

So I'm off the the mountains. Have a happy weekend!


Dawn said...

I think the board retreat sounds like a great place to be, since you don't have to attend the meetings! I know what you mean about not getting much done after work. The Beth Moore week-end sounds wonderful, too.

Mia, huh? I guess I'm surprised that so many people don't want to be called Grandma!

It was time for Jason to go home. I just wish he'd been before Brooke. He's a sweetie, but was in over his head as it got further along.

That site meter sounds fun. I'll have to hook up with it and see why people are coming over to visit me.

Have a restful Sabbath!

M&M_Mama said...

Your salsa garden sounds SOOOO cool. Matt and I got to have a garden for two years when we lived in LaGrande. That is one thing we both enjoy doing. He likes it because it is work and it is outside. I think I only liked it because HE was outside and it was something I could do with him that wasn't horse related. Now that we have moved into our new place, we have a spot picked out for our garden. We refer to the area as, "the garden" but it is really just a patch of dirt like the rest of our yard. Tonight however we turned on the main line sprinkler system for the first time and I can see grass and maybe a small garden (this year) in the very near future!

I'll be praying for you with Jess's graduation and everything that has to be done. And for her too, it's a pretty life changing thing! Hope you enjoyed the mountains. I can't wait for Beth Moore, too!!

Barb said...

You know, I've pretty much ignored my site meter reports forever, but recently started checking some things and the thing people google most often that leads them to me is burp cloths. LOL

I agree about Jason. He really is a big doofas, a very typical Aggie from Texas A & M (I grew up near there and my boyfriend/fiance was an Aggie.) I never thought he'd win - he just didn't take the competition seriously enough. But I love his singing style. I still think it's going to be the two Davids in the end.

Karen said...

I hope you had a nice weekend, Robin. It sounds heavenly, a weekend in the mountains without obligations. I hope it did your soul good! As for all the stuff you have to do -- heck, you're ahead of me! Our graduation party for my son is on the 24th and I haven't even ordered the cake yet. I will do tomorrow. I have taken care of tables and chairs, however, and worked on the yard. Such a busy, but exciting time. And I love that Granddad wants a seat in the pickup truck for the baby! How sweet!