Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Potpourri Friday on Tuesday?

Well, allrighty then. I figure if Barb can post her Sunday Meanderings on Monday, why can't I post Potpourri Friday on Tuesday? And speaking of Barb, check out the button on my sidebar. You can just click on it and it will take you right to her little shoppe. It's full of sweet things and she has been working hard to start up her little business. I think she is doing a phenomenal job of it too.

I'm not nearly as busy as Barb is. I'm not taking care of a newborn baby and starting up a home based craft business out of thin air. But I have been busy. Very, very busy.

Like having a graduation party at my house for my daughter Andrea who graduated this past weekend from college with an elementary education degree. What a beautiful day. What a beautiful girl.

This is Andrea and her husband Jayson, who has been so supportive and helpful to her while she made it through college and student teaching. Now he will go back to school full-time to work on his degree while she does the same for him. Isn't that how marriage is supposed to work? I can't tell you how proud we are of these kids.

Mom and dad are so very proud of her! That diploma in her hand represents so much hard work and determination. I work full-time at the university to make it financially possible for our kids to go to college, so I stake a small measure of satisfaction in the process as well. I always laugh that in our home it takes the one person without a college education to make sure everyone else in the house gets one.

We had a family bar-b-que at our house to celebrate following the commencement service. Is there any better way to say congratulations than with a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. I think not. And neither did anyone else since there was not even a crumb left over!

Our two sons-in-law - chef's extraordinaire!

Here are come of the family members who we hosted.

And this was my very favorite picture of the day.
Aren't they just beautiful? Poor Michelle, she is very uncomfortable and definitely ready to birth that baby! The last month is always the hardest. But I think she is so beautiful pregnant. And now Andrea is starting to show too - it's just too much fun. Sisters pregnant together - what a blessing.

So our year of celebrations is off to a great start.

Jessica's 18th birthday - check.
20th year anniversary pastoring our church - check.
Andrea's college graduation - check.

Still to come:

Jessica's high school graduation
Our 30th wedding anniversary
Grandchild #1 is born
Grandchild #2 is born
My 50th birthday

Blessings. Every single day.


Tiffany said...

Sounds like you are very busy!!! I can't wait to see all the crafts you make! The girls look so beautiful pregnant!

Lisa B. said...

The picture of Michelle and Andrea made me cry. I don't like missing out on so much.

Dawn said...

What a special time for all of you! The sisters look so much alike. And like you - so fun to see the pictures.

What a lot of celebrations in one year - a lot like ours last year.

What did you think of poor little Jason tonight??

gail@more than a song said...

What a fun weekend y'all had! Graduations are such happy events, congratulations to your daughter Andrea...she is indeed a beautiful girl! And your yard is gorgeous too, a perfect place for the party.
I love that shot of your pregnant daughters!

Corrie said...

Hey Robin!!!
Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!! I think it is so awesome that they are pregnant at the same time. Sounds like you guys have so many reasons to celebrate right now. Enjoy every one of them and know you are in my thoughts!
Good to read your latest news!

Dawn said...

I know that college graduation is far more important than the final 4, but what did you think??

Linda said...

Congrats; I know you are so proud with good reason!