Thursday, June 19, 2008

Airplanes Are Not My Friend Part Three

Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia!

Now there are four words I never thought I would type today.  Let's see, I had breakfast in Boise, lunch in Minneapolis, dinner in Atlanta, and hopefully I will sleep tonight in Charlotte.  What a world we live in!

The last flight was bumpy.  But you know what I'm discovering?  The more tired I am the more I don't care.  I almost went to sleep.  But then I remembered about a plane that crashed because everyone had gone to sleep on board because they didn't have any oxygen and they didn't know it.  And it would be weird for me to go to sleep on a plane so then I was worried that maybe we were running out of oxygen and that woke me up.  So here I sit, in Atlanta, Georgia, looking all around for any other ladies that might be going to She Speaks on the same plane.  By the looks of things, most other ladies must have caught an earlier flight.  They are probably soaking in a hot tub of bubbles right this minute.  But then they don't have much to blog about tonight either, now do they?

Keep praying.  Pray specifically that my luggage followed me on my journey around the country today.  I'm having a bad feeling about that.  


gail@more than a song said...

You are having quite the adventure! And yes, lots to blog about!
Praying that luggage gets to you in Charlotte....wish I was in Charlotte visiting my daughter!

Judy said...

Sweet Robin, you are so funny! :) My prayers are with you! And may you have clean undies and your make-up bag in the morning!

We're a little jealous that you at least made it onto a plane. Happen to read about our pre-travel adventure?

Dawn said...

My word, am I ever far behind! I hope to goodness that you are not in Charlotte and having that bubble bath and going to bed so that tomorrow can be a wonderful day! I have never feared flying, but I don't enjoy it because of my long legs and claustrophobia. But I, too, love airports and all the characters - kind of like going to the zoo!