Thursday, June 19, 2008

Airplanes Are Not My Friend Part Two

Okay.  I am still in Minneapolis.  Even though the plan was that by now I would be in Charlotte.  Checked into my hotel room.  Perhaps enjoying a bubble bath to unwind from a stressfull day of flight.

I tried really hard not to notice the FIRETRUCK by the plane I was about to board.  I really tried not to pay attention to the mechanic looking guy who was writing the words FUEL LEAK on a chart board by the door as I entered the plane.  After all, I was being prayed for.

However, I noticed something might be wrong when the plane just sat.  And sat.  And sat.  And as much as I don't like flying, I actually prefer the plane I'm sitting in to be doing something - besides sitting.  So finally after about 45 minutes we were told to get off the plane.  It was broke.  Thank you Jesus, for getting me off that broken plane.  I was good with it.  Really good.  Then I had to reschedule another flight.  So now I am soon leaving for Atlanta, then Charlotte about midnight. 

I'm thinking this conference is going to be GOOD.  Because somebody evil doesn't seem to want me there.  My Jesus and I are going to be there anyway.  So there, evil somebody, take that!

And friends, don't stop praying yet!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Robin -
We are still praying in Idaho!
I am so thankful you did not fly on that broken plane - I set the kitchen time to make sure I stopped and prayed at 7:55 this morning. I am so glad that Jessica let you borrow her laptop -Keep blogging - can't wait to read your updates.
Did you take your high heeled polka dot sandals? so cute!
Blessings, Wendy

gail@more than a song said...

I'm always glad when they take us off the plane! Especially if it's broken...sorry you'll have to get in so late though.