Thursday, June 19, 2008

Airplanes Are Not My Friend

I am in Minneapolis waiting for my connecting flight to Charlotte.  I'm halfway there.  All in all the flight was . . . . . . . .okay.

I felt covered in prayer.  The sweet ladies in my Wednesday night Book Club prayed for me last night and several even asked what time my plane took off so they could pray for me specifically at that time today.  My husband, my dear sweet, wonderful husband has been praying for me all week.  My kids are praying for me and even some of you blogging friends have remembered me in prayer.  

And I want you to know that all that prayer kept me in my seat, kept me quiet, and kept me from grabbing onto the man across the aisle from me who was reading a large print NIV edition of the  Holy Bible when the airplane started to make a really weird noise and an obnoxious child a few rows behind me felt the need to cry out "WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!"  God bless him.

And that was all while the plane was still on the runway.  Not moving.

I also found it very helpful to turn on my iPod and listen to The Best Of Passion - awesome praise music.  I turned it up really loud and kept my eyes closed except for occasionally opening them to glance at the faces around me to see if anyone looked panicked, in which case I would then turn off my iPod and get panicked along with them.  But mercifully that didn't happen.

So now I'm sitting in the airport.  For as much as I don't like airplanes, I do like airports.  There's lots of interesting people to watch.  I find myself trying to figure out what their stories are.

Thank you for your prayers.  I'm loving them.

And thank you dear Jess for letting your mom take your brand new MacBook with her to the conference so I could document all my experiences.  You are a sweetheart and I love you.


Donnetta (momrn2) said...

Hoping and trusting you will have a fabulously WONDERFUL time!!

Wishing I could be there as well... maybe another year...


Michelle said...

I don't like flying either - at all! We're flying to Boston in July and I'm just not looking forward to it.

Saying a prayer that the rest of your flights are uneventful...have a wonderful time!

gail@more than a song said...

I love the convenience of flying but not so much the take off and occasionally the landing! So glad you're getting to go and that all is well so far. Looking forward to hearing about the rest.
The part about the noise and the child crying out about dying, totally made me laugh out loud! And all before take off, sweet! I think I've experienced similar and I got a bit panicked. Praying for the other flights.
Have a great trip Robin!

Becky said...

Hey, I have been thinking about you ALL DAY LONG!!!

What a grand adventure! I cannot wait to hear all about it. Those people you see in the airports are all curious characters with wacky personalities for your next book.

Bless you my sister!!!!

Becky said...

"Life is unchartered territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time."

--Leo F. Buscaglia

"Adventure must start with running away from home."

--William Bolitho

"After all, the start of any great adventure is leaving wherever we are."

--ME (in my latest e-devotion which I will email you)

Kathy S said...

Oh roomie, you told it wonderfully, it made me chuckle. Did a kid really say that???
Had I known you before, I could have planned on meeting you in Mpls and gone to the pre-confrence. But rookie that I it was I origonally booked to return on Saturday:(, so I ate that ticket and booked another for Sunday...(tell you the story later)I will see you tomorrow!!
Blessings! Kathy