Thursday, June 5, 2008

Potpourri Friday

I haven't talked about my little sweetheart in oh, about 4 posts now.

What kind of grandma am I?

So here are some fun pics of Tyler. He has the most fun facial expressions.

This little guy doesn't just melt my heart - he totally cracks me up!
His little jaundiced eyes are getting better - although in these pictures they are pretty yellow.

Have I mentioned how in love I am?

My sister and I are hosting his baby shower Saturday evening. Michelle always called him "her little monkey" when he was in utero. And we had lots of fun buying little clothes with monkeys and I made him a blanket with monkeys so it only seemed natural to have his baby shower be all about monkeys. I'll share some pictures of it on Monday. I think it is going to be a lot of fun.

The only frustrating thing is that I ordered a really nice stroller for a gift from the Toys R Us website. I ordered it on Monday night and even though it killed me I paid the additional charge for two day shipping so I would be sure to have it in time for the shower. Today, Friday, I got an email telling me it had been shipped yesterday and I will receive it on Monday. I paid a two day shipping charge so I could receive the give a week later - after the event I wanted it for. When I called the company to complain they told me that it is two day shipping. But it takes several days to process the order. And it was shipped on Thursday. So in my mind that would mean it would be here Saturday. But apparently 4 day shipping is the same thing as two day shipping. Who knew? I asked at the very least to be refunded my shipping charge - but they said no. So I said fine. I would share with everyone I could about what a dishonest policy they have. And I won't be shopping at Toys R Us any more. There are lots of other stores that carry the very same merchandise. So there. I am on a mission!

On to happier news. Two weeks from now I will be at the She Speaks conference. I am not ready. My writing isn't finished. I am beginning to work on my book proposal and it is a bit overwhelming. I am beginning to wonder "What was I thinking?" I am getting scared and nervous. The idea that I will soon be flying across the country is becoming more and more forefront in my mind. And I am still excited. What a mixture of emotions! And the worst thing is that I have 2 inch roots. Two inches! I missed my hair appointment because it fell right during the time that little Tyler was being born. I called yesterday to reschedule and I am on a call list. If my hairdresser has a cancellation she will call me. Yikes! This is really cutting it close. Yesterday I got a letter from the She Speaks people and one of the first things they talked about was the climate in North Carolina. And here is an exact quote (parentheseis mine):
The weather outside will most likely be hot and humid. That means if you go outside and you have naturally big hair, it will get even bigger. If you have naturally flat hair (that's me) it will get flatter. (Oh joy) We know how the condition of one's hair can sometimes affect one's mood. So mentally preparing you for the joy of humidity is a necessity.
It kind of cracked me up - when that is the first item of business in a letter regarding the whole conference - well, it is so obviously a woman's conference!

Tonight I will be busy finishing Tyler's quilt, making banana bread for the shower, and cleaning my house. Tomorrow is the shower. Sunday is church with our annual Father's Day picnic (held a week early). I think I will be a tad bit busy. But then, busy seems to be my life creed.

I hope you all have a happy weekend. I'm really glad it's Friday.


Lisa B. said...

He is soooo adorable. He looks like grandpa with Mommies mouth. I can't wait to snuggle little Tyler.

Karen said...

Wow, Tyler has a beautiful head of hair! Sooo cute;) I'm with you on the ToysRUs thing. That is so unreasonable on their part. I think I would go higher up and write a letter. But that's me:/

I'm laughing about the hair report. But, seriously, it's a great idea. They should add that feature to the weather info online -- it could make or break a vacation for some of us!

Becky said...

That Tyler is such a kick. What a darlin' he is. I love all that wild hair. I wonder what his hair would do in the humidity of North Carolina. By the way .. welcome to my world. Humidity affects everything you know. And humidity from June first to October 31 affects everything and makes one very, very, very tired.

Have a FUN shower. And I agree with the complaint on the shipping. You should go to a higher power at Toys R Us.

Amy Jo said...

Just popping over to say hello! I'll be attending the writer's track of She Speaks as well! Hope to meet you face to face...until then, I pray that you are able to finish your proposal and enjoy the process. Blessings & joy Amy in OR

Dawn said...

Oh, my goodness, what cute faces! And he has so much hair - can't you see it in North Carolina??

That cracked me up - nice warning about the hair. When I went to college in Oklahoma, my hair was in a constant state of flatness - or flying in the wind.

I have never shopped at ToysRUs (I'm too cheap!), and now I never will for sure!

I can't wait to see the pix of the shower, and of the conference.

Kelli said...

Little Tyler is absolutely adorable! I love the idea of a monkey themed baby shower...have fun!

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to say "hi." I'll be up at the conference as well. Prayerfully, I won't be having any hair catastrophe's as spelled out in the letter or wearing any viscous high heels either. Love the adorable faces that lil guy was making. He's a doll!!

Chatty Kelly said...

I'm visiting from Lysa's blog. Congrat on your cutie grand son. I know it will be hard to leave him for the conference. I'm leaving my girls home (ages 4 & 8) and it will be tough!

See you there.

Julie Fink said...

What a beautiful baby boy . . . and that is hilarious about the hair information!

gail@more than a song said...

He is TOO cute! I know you're having the best time and it must be so fun to have them nearby.

Tiffany said...

I just have to say that little man has the cutest head of hair ever!!!!