Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer Book Club

Last night marked the very first meeting of our summer book club at church. We have been doing this for three or four summers now - and I always look forward to it. This month we are reading Back Home Again by Melody Carlson.

I have discovered that it doesn't really matter what book you are reading. What is important is the fellowship and camaraderie that takes place among the women who attend.

It is rich my friends. So very rich.

There is something so special about women of various ages and of various walks in life with multiple opinions and dreams with one very strong commmon love of Christ, joining together to share their thoughts about what they are reading. Some women are career oriented - some are not. Some women have children - some do not. Some women love the outdoors. Some prefer to be indoors. Some women are athletic. Some are not.

We get off topic. A lot. Sometimes controversial topics arise. We spend time talking about our personal lives. We bond tighter together and become cheerleaders for each other. We pray for each other. We learn to respect differences and try harder to understand them.

As I looked around the room I saw women who would have never gathered together for any other reason than their love of reading. And that love has brought richness into our lives, for this season, as we share an hour and a half together each week learning to know each other more. And learning to see each other as Christ sees us.

I think we are on the right track.


Angie said...

Robin...I love that song!
How is the family??
I am so excited about meeting up at the conference!!!
LOVE you lots!!!

Becky said...

This is so great. Women and books are 2/3rds of the best and most powerful combination. I'd add some coffee in there. Preferably a non-fat french vanilla latte with extra whip. That's what the non-fat is for. Balance.

I wish I could join your group. Read for me!!!!

Dawn said...

That sounds like so much fun - I've never been in a book club - amazing, since I always have a book or two going! I even stopped and got some really dumb books the other day, because I had run out and didn't have time to look for something better. (Danielle Steel, believe it or not!)

I LOVE the story about the kids in the rain. So great. We've had a downpour for the last 8-10 hours. Unbelievable for us as it is for you guys. I don't think Al has it right, but I do think it's the signs of the times! When we have a disastrous tornado 15 miles from here, near the foothills of the Rockies, that is strange stuff!

gail@more than a song said...

That sounds like such fun! I'd love to have a chance to do that...if you weren't so many states away I'd pop by.
I've read a few of the Grace Chapel Inn books and have enjoyed them.