Monday, September 29, 2008

Meet Miss Ava Claire

I have a granddaughter.

How I savor those words in my heart and in my soul. I feel as though I have been blessed beyond whatever I could ever want or dream. To have a grandson and now a granddaughter - well, there are just no words.

Ava Claire took her first breath at 7:42 on Friday morning. We spent another long night helping Andrea labor - much like we did with her sister Michelle - what's with babies deciding to be born early in the morning? When she finally came whoops and hollers erupted throughout the room. Our whole family was present again for Ava's birth, just like we were for Tyler. We are a good support system to each other! Ava's daddy was wonderful with Andrea - he stayed right with her and coached her and encouraged her through. I don't know how common it is for granddad's to be the one to cut the cord, but in this case that's how it was.

 Andrea's sisters were there to rub her back and whisper words of encouragement to her when it seemed as though the night would never end. One of my favorite memories of the evening was when I walked in and saw my four girls together sharing a moment of love.  It brought tears to my eyes and my heart took a picture that will always hang in the corridor of my memory.  I was there to be the mama to my baby girl as she prepared to become a mama and meet her very own baby girl.   We talked about how labor and delivery must have been for Mary the night she gave birth to our Lord in a cave.  

Even little Tyler was there, sleeping soundly in his car seat. Having babies these days is certainly different than when I had them or when my mother gave birth. I like it this way. We are a family that works together and rejoices together. And I can't think of a time that requires more work or results in more rejoicing than when we welcome a new family member.

She is such a sweet and beautiful little girl. She has a little bit of very blonde hair and she looks much like her daddy. Except she has her mama's pretty lips. And she has gorgeous skin - not a blemish anywhere. So without further ado.........

meet Miss Ava Claire

Here our my two little grandbabies getting to know each other.  I think they are going to hit it off really well.

Believe it or not this is Andrea with her Dr. Julie.  What an amazing doctor she is.  She actually made up a bed for Jayson in the delivery room.  When was the last time you heard of a doctor making a bed for a patient or their family?  She was such a gift.


gail@more than a song said...

What a cutie pie you have there! It's such a wondrous thing isn't it, such a blessing. I loved reading about your family's experience and seeing your new granddaughter. That last picture is too fun!

Dawn said...

Oh, my - what a little fashionista with pink tennies and all! Congratulations to all of you - we were all together in Kristen's room for Care Bear's birth and it was such a fun day - at least for us! I am glad all 4 girls could be there.

I get such a bang out of Tyler's hair!

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

I LOVE this! It brought tears to my eyes! I love your love for your family. The baby is so beautiful!

Judy said...

Congratulations!!! Your heart must be so full. How I love (and miss) those first few days with a new babe. Pass along a big hug and "hello" to Andrea for us. We can't wait to meet both babies someday soon!!!

Michelle said...

Congrats on the birth of you new granddaughter! What a precious bundle she is!