Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Fave 5

It's time for Friday Fave 5! If you would like to be a part go visit Susanna at Living to Tell the Story - we would love to have you join us.

This week my 5 favorite things were:

1. My friends, real-life and bloggy, who have prayed for and encouraged me as I work through accepting something difficult to accept. sigh. God does stretch us sometimes, and sometimes its beyond what we ever thought we could do. And as I wrestle and argue with Him, He just patiently waits for me to be still - and know that He is God. I'm not still yet. But I'm "stiller" than I was before.

2. Celestial Seasonings tea. I have been enjoying a cup of tea each evening this week and it has been so comforting. I especially like the Raspberry Zinger!

3. Having lunch with my college girl. She attends the college I work at and it provides opportunities for the two of us to just spend time together. What a sweet and special thing.

4. I had three evenings this week with absolutely nothing planned in them. That's a rare thing at my house. And I relished every single moment of them. I don't know if everyone enjoys just being home - but I sure do!

5. These guys - they just melt my heart.
A grandson and a granddaughter - God has blessed me so.


Susanne said...

I so understand #1, Robin.

What a treat to have your girl attend college where you work. Mine is 6 hours away so I really miss doing mom and daughter things.

Teresa said...

#1 is where I've been at lately, too.

What precious grandbabies you have!

I also love to be #1 thing this week alluded to that. :o)

Becky said...

Your grands are so delightful. That boy is growing and getting more handsome every time I see a picture. How sweet they are together!

And I love that you can lunch with your daughter. That is very special indeed.

About your email ... I had forgotten that about Joann's. I will have to put that on my stop. Thanks for the heads up. And ... Snapfish has that offer for a free book till midnight tonight. If you have pics already loaded and organized on your computer, you could do one in a snap. What a great gift for an autie with a new niece and nephew. Or a great grandma ... hmmm ... anyone!!

gail@more than a song said...

That is the cutest picture of your babies! He looks so sweet smiling at her like that.
It's fun to have a daughter nearby. I've loved raspberry zinger tea for a while now too! Especially at night.

ellen b. said...

Hi Robin,
What sweet little blessings you have there! :0)

Dawn said...

There's nothing better than nights at home with nothing planned. I cherish them, too.

I hope things are settling down in the situation you are facing.

Willow said...

I read your last post--I knit or walk.

You are so blessed to be near your girl!

Mishel said...

Love the picture of your grandbabies! Still praying!


Robin said...

What beautiful babies!! Best wishes for you and for things going on in your life right now.

Julia said...

Your grandkids are so cute! My first nephew is six months now, so close in age to your first grandson. What a joy to have them around!

Lisa writes... said...

Great list! and #4? A rarity around here as well!

Becky said...

Your comment on my blog today made me laugh. Pumpkin and squash and love of veggies :) Ha!

I don't know ... it is a consistency thing for me. I feel the same way about pudding and oatmeal and grits. Either chew or swallow ... but in between makes me gag.