Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Spirit

Not one, but two of my good bloggy friends bestowed this sweet award upon me. So thank you Becky and Dawn (who has a private blog much to her dismay) to be so sweet as to pass this award on to me.

The rules say you have to list your five favorite things about Christmas. So here is my Christmas countdown!

5. My tree ornaments. Most of them are handmade and they are filled with love and sentiment and special memories. They aren't worth a penny to anyone else, but they are the first material thing I would grab if my house were on fire.

4. My sewing room. I love making Christmas gifts and when my sewing room is filled with fabrics and patterns and supplies to make things I get overcome with excitement. I love spending time picking out colors and patterns that I know would make others happy. I really can't describe how it makes me feel. Just happy I guess.

3. Our Christmas Eve Candlelight service. I especially love the 11:30 p.m. service that lasts a half an hour. I love ushering Christmas day in by being in my church focusing on the true meaning of Christmas. I loved when my girls were little, taking them in their jammies. I love the sweetness of everyone there as we wish each other a Merry Christmas as we leave. I love that we are the last ones to leave the building and walking home together.

2. My husband and I have always filled each other's stockings. And every year, after the Candlelight service we go home and fill our girl's stockings. And every year we decide to open our stockings together before we go to bed. It's very late by then. But what a special time we have as we sit by the light of the tree and share our gifts with each other. And in the morning we watch as our girls dig into their's. All of us have always loved our stockings the very most.

And drumroll please. Now for my top favorite thing about Christmas.

1. My favorite tradition of Christmas is when I give the girls their handmade ornament for the year. I don't know why but this is Christmas to me. The girls come home with their families and we share a fancy dinner together. After the dishes are done we gather around the tree that is decorated except that it is missing the star at the top. And every year my husband shares the story of how we made that star on our very first Christmas together. It's kind of a sappy, corny story but we all love it. Then he places it on top of the tree and I give the girls their ornaments. Last night was our special night. When we finished I read The Gift of the Magi and we spent the rest of the evening playing games. It's getting harder every year to have everyone be able to be here. But we will always have a remnant. And this will always be my favorite thing to do at Christmas.

So now, I am to pass this award on to 5 more people. Since Christmas is almost here I am not going to put this on anyone who may be busy just trying to get everything done. But if you have time, and want to join in, please do. And let me know. Because I want to know what your favorite things are about Christmas.


Becky said...

I love your list Robin. Every year we look for a church that has an 11:00 service to go to. Our services are earlier, and we like the tradition of the late service on Christmas Eve. We'd come to your church if we lived there. We'd sit together and pretend that the Butler was not a pastor who usually can't sit with me at church.

We'd love it.

And I love your tradition of the ornaments for your girls too. I hope they loved their doves this year.

Willow said...

Your list is wonderful, Robin. I enjoyed reading what you love about Christmas!

Lisa B. said...

I forgot about your star. I remember laughing at you the first time you told me about that and when I saw it. Now, I understand.

Dawn said...

Thanks so much for doing this - it's a wonderful list. Our Christmas Eve service is early, but lovely. This year it will include all of DC's family sitting together. We're having all of our evening meals in our church gym, so it'll be handy getting everyone there.

When are you leaving for Florida??