Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Fave 5

I know you are supposed to only have a list of five favorite things of the week. But I couldn't pare down to five. I have six. I hope that's okay!

This week I turned in my last class assignment. What a relief. I have enjoyed my Magazine Writing class very much - and have even had one of my articles accepted for publication. But I have learned that writing on demand is a whole lot different than writing on my schedule. Of course, it's something I will have to adjust to if I plan to write - so it's been good training for me. But still, with Christmas and everything else going on in my life right now - it's good to be done for a bit.

I have recorded (gotta love DVR) several Christmas movies and whenever I can find a bit of time, I love curling up in my recliner with my sweet dog Josey and my knitting and just "escaping" for a couple of cheesy hours.

This weekend is our annual girls night out/cookie exchange. My daughters, mom, and sisters get together and exchange cookies and then we go to a movie. Tonight it's Australia. I can't wait. Last night my three girls came over and we made our cookies. Here's some pictures of all the activity taking place in my kitchen.

Um, no, we don't use cocktail sauce in our Christmas cookies! Andrea is patiently filling her pecan tassies.

Jess, striking a cheesy pose with her chocolate covered cherries.

Michelle displaying her naked peanut butter balls.

The packaging begins.

We finished up about 12:30 this morning. I hope I can stay awake for the movie tonight!

Jessica's first semester of college is ending and she learned this week that she got the highest grade in her english class. Watching the joy on her face as she told me was priceless. Jess has always had to work hard academically and she feared she would not do well in college. She has done wonderfully and I can't tell you how proud of her that I am. She has taken some demanding classes this semester and written many papers. Intro to Biblical Literature is not an easy class and she is doing great. Finals are next week - so we have lots more praying to do!

Listening to my new favorite Christmas song this year - Light of the Stable by Selah. Enjoy!

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Brenda said...

Look at all those cherries! Its fun to cook with other people.

Melanie said...

Congratulations on your girl's grade!
I've never made pecan tassies but I LOVE pecans.
I use them a lot in desserts and they always top my sweet potato souffle in the praline topping.

Cyndee@Riezzee's Place said...

The food looks great! I connected to the free blog backgrouds - I was so tired of my old one. Love it!


Anonymous said...

My bake-day is tomorrow and I certainly sympathize with the chaos and fun with multiple people in the kitchen. I'm so glad your daughter is doing well in college. That must be such a morale booster for her to know that her efforts are paying off.

Barb said...

I haven't made pecan tassies in years, Robin. I'm going to pull out that recipe and make some this year!

Love your list. What a fun post.

ellen b said...

Oh what a fun list and now I really, really want a chocolate Cherry please...

Becky said...

Congrats to Jess! Great job!

Those cookies looked fabulous. I have a horrible weakness for the peanut butter and chocoate ones. What do they call those ... buckeyes I think? Anyway, they are sinful if you ask me. And so worth it :)

Enjoy your girls night out.

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Wow, that is a lot of cookies. What a fun girls night out!

Karen said...

The cookies look delicious. It's nice that you all get together to bake. I'll bet you have lots of fun. You have a lovely family, Robin.

And Congrats on the top grade! How wonderful that it went to your daughter, who worked hard for it!

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

What a beautiful sight to see your grown up girls baking together with you in your kitchen.

Susanne said...

How fun baking with your girls! I love cookies exchanges So much yummy varieties and you just have to make one kind.

the voice of melody said...

All those sweets look wonderful! And the packaging is very cute too. Glad you all had so much fun spending this special time together. :)

Dawn said...

I am so far behind on reading my friends! I'm glad your class is over, the cookies look marvelous! And Congrats to Jess!! She looks so much like you!

I will have to come back and listen to the song - my new favorite is A Baby Changes Everything by Faith Hill. Awesome song!! I"ve heard it several times on secular radio. Gives me goosebumps every time. I'll have to see if I can find it on the internet and post it.

Have a great week!

gail@more than a song said...

I will take some of those chocolate covered cherries please! That looks like such fun and I bet you're just soaking up all the time you get to spend with your girls.