Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some Good Reading

I just finished reading Searching for Spice and its sequel Out of Her Hands by Megan DiMaria. If you are looking for some fun chick lit to read or to give as a Christmas gift - I would recommend you check these out.

Searching for Spice is a story about an average, every-day wife and mom, Linda Revere, who has a nice home, two kids, a fulfilling job, and a solid marraige. But the kids are getting older, the job is getting more frustrating, and her marraige, well, her marraige just isn't "hot" anymore. So she comes up with a plan to add some sizzle to the mix! The end result isn't exactly the recipe she had in mind.. It was easy to read this book and see much of myself in Linda's character. I related with her hectic lifestyle and how her world revolved around her family.

The sequel, Out of Her Hands, continues with Linda's life as her kids are growing up and her college aged son brings home a girlfriend that is NOT the one Linda thought she had always prayed for. One of the things I love about the chick lit genre is that even though it is light and fun to read, there are deep messages involved too. I cried with Linda as she struggled with the concept of loving deep while letting go. Parenting adult children has challenges all of it's own and I thought Megan did a great job "writing a picture" of a mom who loves her boy. We may long for the days when our kids belonged only to us - but, alas, God has other plans.

Check out Megan's blog, Prisoner of Hope.

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