Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday's Fave 5

This is the first Friday's Fave 5 of the year for me. As I think back over this week I realize that I have experienced a little bit of post-vacation letdown. And strangely my family has not been able to overcome the 2 hour time change from our trip to Florida! About 8:30 in the evening we fall asleep and I wake up every morning about 4:00. We didn't struggle with it during our vacation - just when we got home. I've always said a person needs a vacation to recover from their vacation!

Here is my list for this week:
1) This week I put up the card table and got out a jigsaw puzzle for all of us to work on. There is just something so cozy about sitting around the card table and searching through all those little similar pieces to find just the right one. We have already had lots of fun with it.
2) I am so thankful to be able to park my car in the garage every night. I go from my house to my car never realizing how cold it is outside until I get to work. I don't have to scrape ice from my windows or warm up the car for 10 minutes before I leave. My husband on the other hand does, because he let's me have the garage.
3) After our plane arrived home this week, we immediately jumped into the truck and took my mother-in-law back home. She lives about 100 miles away in a little mountain town. So we went that day from 80 degrees in Florida to 10 degrees in Idaho. The next day she made us her famous spaghetti so it was totally worth a 70 degree temperature change and the risk of getting pneumonia!
4) I have thouroughly enjoyed looking through our vacation pictures all week. Digital cameras are such a wonder!
5) My little granddaughter, Ava Claire, is finally growing! She went to the doctor this week and she has gained 2 pounds. She is such a tiny little girl. At three and a half months she is still only 11 pounds. She is smiling and "talking" and becoming so much fun. It is such a blessing to have a grandson and a granddaughter!
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the voice of melody said...

Great list! Especially, your little Ava Claire. :)

Susanne said...

I loved this list, Heather! It had such a nice feel to it and it spread right to me. :v)

Yeah for the 2 lbs. She must be so much fun now that she's starting into the "talking" stage.

Your poor bodies had quite the temp change shock. LOL. Now that is extreme.

proudgrits11 said...

Cute blog, adorable family--love it!! We're "cold" here in Arizona in the 50s and 60s during the day--brrrr!! ;) I grew up in Jacksonville, FL so cold and I don't mix too well!!
I'm not much of a puzzle person, but it is a cozy idea!!
Great list--thanks for popping by!

Brenda said...

How wonderful of your husband to let you have the garage every night!

The pictures on your blog are really pretty. I like the soft look that most of them have.

Becky said...

Love it! As usual.

Jerralea said...

It's my first time here and I love the picture in your header! I, too, am thankful that I don't have to scrape ice and snow off my car.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope your retreat goes well, and you become pressure-free!

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Your family picture is beautiful! Conner was also slow at gaining weight the first year and a half, but he is doing great now!

Barb said...

Can you believe what a difference only a hundred miles can make in the weather? A hundred miles east of us is the heart of the Rockies and it's definitely a lot colder there than it is here.

Eleven pounds at 3 months. Wow. She is tiny, but Cameron was like that too. Tiny little thing and then suddenly he just took off. He's still a small boy for his age, though, and I suspect his sister is going to make about two of him. :-)

Very nice list, Robin. Happy Friday!

ellen b said...

Hi Robin,
I love puting jigsaw puzzles together. I'm glad you don't have to scrap ice off your windows in the morning :0)
It's wonderful that your granddaughter is finally gaining some weight...
Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you sleep past 4 am!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you - a vacation to recover from vacations! And #4, isn't it wonderful how accessible digital photography is now?

Willow said...

Yes, digital cameras are wonderful! I'm so glad your Ava Claire is gaining weight. Have a wonderful restful weekend.

Islandsparrow said...

Hi heather

I know the feeling needing a vacation in order to recover from a vacation :) and I didn't even go away!!

My daughter is in Florida right now on a YWAM DTS and enjoying the warmer temperatures a lot!

I'm working a puzzle too. I bought it at Value Village and I'm hoping there are no missing pieces :)

I'm happy to read about your little Ava Claire gaining. I'm looking forward to the blessing of grandchildren someday.

Great to read your 5!

Dawn said...

Tiny little girls are adorable - except that doctors seem to think they need to be bigger. Katie is up to 16.5, but Emma is two pounds behind her. She is so active and just so petite and adorable.

We're blessed to have a two car garage with room for both cars! Bless your husband for letting you have yours!

gail@more than a song said...

I've always thought that too, that you need a vacation to recover from vacation! The time changes makes it hard.
I try to get a puzzle out this time of year, I love them...but only 2 of us here now and one person doesn't seem interested!