Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ava Claire and Her Little Dog Toto Junie

A couple of posts ago I talked about how my little granddaughter Ava Claire's dog, Junie, really seems to love her and posts guard by her crib when Ava is sleeping. Well last night we were at their house for '24' night (the night we get together and watch 24) although last night did NOT go according to plan-more about that later. Anyway, I took a couple of videos of sweet Ava with Junie - I thought it would be fun to share them. In this first video you can hear my preacher husband with his preacher voice discuss the finer points of a chuck roast. We are an exciting family to be around.

In this next one you hear my husband explaining to my son-in-law why he is attempting to grow the goatee again. He has a variety of reasons Including something about having the flu - but I know the real one. It's because Tyler didn't like it and wouldn't give him anymore kisses. As soon as that was realized, the goatee disappeared. But now Tyler is gone - and the goatee is back. At the end you hear him giving Andrea a "rice-cooking" lesson. He is a man of many talents!

We had a wonderful dinner of roast and rice. But we never did get to watch 24. After we ate, Andrea noticed that Junie was missing. We searched the entire house high and low. We searched the backyard. We even checked the freezer I'm not sure why except that we were getting desperate. We walked the neighborhood with a flashlight calling her and calling her. We knocked on doors. We finally made signs and hung them all over. We drove through a larger area of the community with our windows down calling and whistling for her. She never came. We finally had to give up for the night and it was very sad. We prayed together that she had found a warm home to stay the night in and that God would help us find her again. I can't tell you how sad it is to lose your dog. I hated leaving - but I knew there was nothing more we could do. I woke up in the night praying for that little dog.

Well the happy news is that this morning Junie is back home. Andrea said she was sound asleep and she woke up and she just knew. She doesn't know if she heard her barking in her sleep or if she just "knew" but sure enough - there Junie was at the back door wanting to come in. She is none worse for the wear. I think someone found her and took her in and as soon as she wanted out to go potty - she probably headed straight home again.

You can be sure there will be some repair work going on with the back yard fence.


Becky said...

My heart just dropped when you said Junie had been lost. First, you get us all excited and falling in love with the cute little thing. I watched both the videos and though how cute Ava Claire and Junie were together, and then BOOM ... you drop the bomb that she was lost.

Oh ... lost but now found. I am so glad. And you didn't miss a thing on 24, you can catch up in the 60 seconds before next week. Really ... why I watch that show is beyond me. It is the same thing every single year.

Monday night as the bad guys were tromping through the White House with their automatic weapons leading the way, my husband said, "You'd think if they wore suits instead of army fatigues and carried smaller guns they would blend in with everyone else and get through without battle tactics.


Anonymous said...

I think the gentleman with the distinguished voice in the background added greatly to the "family video clip". So many families are void of the unique sound of the father figure. Compliments to the "strong manly" addition. Excellant planning!!!


Barb said...

I'm so glad she came home. I'd be beside myself if Chelsea got out of our backyard. This makes me want to double check our fence!

Dawn said...

Oh, my, much more intrigue and excitement than on 24! Though I can't really say since I've never watched it! I am so thankful Junie came home - what would Ava do without her companion??

Dawn said...

Re today's comment - I am with you on spring - I like fall the very best, because it goes on and on around here. Spring plays games and is usually very short, turning into winter one day, then suddenly summer. But I love the spring flowers. Please send us some of that rain!!

We do know where our hope lies, but it is still very scary.

Did you see the pictures of the babies the previous post when I had all 4 all week-end? So fun!

gail@more than a song said...

Oh I'm glad Junie is back! Cute videos.
Y'all can always watch 24 online if you didn't dvr or tape it; we've had to do that a few times. It was an exciting one and looks to be taking a slight turn in direction but I think that's par for the course for that show!

A Day In the Life . . . said...

The comment about the roast was funny - Chuck was always big on his meats - I remember him getting excited about a steak or something and telling Tara and me all about this "nice (maybe it was beautiful) cut of meat" he bought at the store, and would proudly display it to us- we would just giggle about his silly-ness. I guess some things are still the same. :-)

A Day In the Life . . . said...
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