Thursday, July 30, 2009

Her First Official "Mess"

Because sweet Miss Ava Claire is now doing this . . . .

. . . .she made her first official "mess" at Poppa and Mia's house! Isn't this the sweetest thing?

And tell me, how is it possible for a Poppa and Mia to think messing up the house is so cute? Tht's what becoming a grandparent does to you! When I was the mama and not the Mia - I didn't find this so sweet. It's one of the things I love about being a grandmother - I'm much more relaxed. I guess I have learned what is really important and what is not.

After we played we skyped with cousin Tyler in Peru and Mia got to read her favorite grandgirl and her favorite grandboy a story. What fun!

I love how Ava Claire has her little hand on Tyler as she listens. And I love how she has peaches in her eyebrow!

I just can't get enough of those two.


Dawn said...

Such cute pictures - that is adorable that she is touching her cousin on the computer. Oh, the amazingness of this technology.

About the messes - you should see my house! I cannot keep it picked up any more. I give up.

And yes, they keep me hopping. Now that they're walking, I like to leave the heavy stroller in the van and let them walk in to the library or the store. But - little Miss Katie doesn't want her hand held at all. And they go in different directions - all the time. It's a riot. I liken it to herding cats!

The trip out there isn't looking too likely. I'll fill you in by e-mail when I get a few minut

Becky said...

Reading the babes stories together! Now ... that is certainly something that our mothers could never do when we lived far away from them. Gotta love technology!!

Karen said...

And may it be the first of many messes at Mia's house:) How wonderful that you can read little Tyler a story! What a world we live in!

Donnetta said...

Oh my goodness, how absolutely precious that you got to read a story to both of them at the same time!!

Barb said...

There's nothing cuter than a crawling baby. And I agree with you, that by the time we become grandmothers we've figured out what's important and what isn't.

Reading stories to grandbabies is important. Messes aren't. :-)