Thursday, August 6, 2009

It IS Crazy!

So I have always heard about those women who use coupons to save money. I have seen them on tv and wondered how in the world they buy $546.27 of groceries for $23.65. I've always thought it was probably a one time event that you had to spend countless hours to achieve.

I was wrong.

I now have a new hobby.

Just by chance I found a blog that a lady from my area keeps on her coupon endeavors. After reading her posts for a few days I decided to test the waters. I deliberately chose to try couponing at only one store. I wanted to see if it really works and honestly, I just don't have the time to do more than that.

What I have done has amazed me.

Just today I bought this:

I spent $10.22 and I saved $47.08.

My second purchase today was this:

I spent $2.12. Can you belive it?

So today I spent $12.42 on $118.70 worth of groceries.

In the last couple of weeks, here are some of the other things I have purchased for next to nothing.

I never buy anything we wouldn't normally buy/use and I go shopping on my lunch hour so I don't give up any of my time at home.

You can go visit The Krazy Coupon lady too. She does all the work figuring out the deals. All you have to do is cut coupons and save money!


Becky said...

I am impressed. I am assuming you used a BOGO saver at your store, and then coupons on the one you had to buy. I have a friend with 5 small children who does that and has a tiny little grocery budget.

Well done!

Michelle said...

Looks like you are buying the things I miss so much...keep it up we will be home in 3 months!

nanajobx said...

What is the coupon lady's website?

Anonymous said...

Oh please teach me how oh wise one!
Thats awesome
God Bless
Suzy Ketterling

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

You are amazing!

Lucydolls' ramblings said...

It is amazing and yet kinda addicting. LOL I went a few weeks ago and had 2 carts full and paid 68.00 YEAH!

Kathy S. said...

UNBELIEVABLE!!! do you have a link?

Dawn said...

Wow, I have used coupons for years, but never getting such good deals. I don't get it! But I'd like to!

The kids are coming home in 3 months?? Our group is there now.

Barb said...

It does work. And I'll bet that now that you know it works, you'll never shop without coupons again. You already know the most important thing - not to buy stuff that you don't need just because you have a coupon.

Doesn't it feel wonderful when you save that much money? :-)

Judy said...

Good work! I tried (well kind of tried) (I think that was it) because my neighbor has been SUPER successful with her coupon clipping, but I found that it wasn't the kind of stuff/foods we normally buy. Bummer. But that is awesome how much you have saved!!!

Dawn said...

We've been keeping in touch with the team by, but finally my sis was able to get us a personal message - they don't have much access to internet this time. Sounds like they're very busy, but having a great time. It's much different from their 2 previous trips to Arequipa.

Dawn said...

Me again - I can hardly wait to hear what you think of the book.

Please give me a clue on how to get started saving so much money!

M&M_Mama said...

Oh Robin, how fun! Did you do this week's crazy thing at that store? I stopped in town today on my way home just for the deal. I'm sure you saw it. $25 worth of free groceries!!! In fect, we ate some of our free dinner tonight. YEA GOOD DEALS!! I must say, you are becoming quite the pro. I might have to get some tips from you. I love sitting at the dinner table and asking my family, "So how much do you think this dinner cost us tonight?" I must ask that enough that tonight at the table Mesa said, "I wish we didn't ever have to pay for dinner." lol I was excited on how much we are saving, and she's stressing because we spend our money on food. Oh the perspective of a 6 year old.

Dawn said...

You must be very busy, my dear friend!

Sam said...

where do you get ur coupons?

Lisa said...

Next to couponing being addicting are those Klondike bars. :)