Monday, September 21, 2009

Blue and Orange

I grew up in a very non-athletic family. There were seven of us kids - two boys and five girls. I think one of my brothers wrestled in school for maybe a year - I really don't remember. We just weren't that into sports.

My husband played football in high school but he has never been one to watch games on tv. He was much more interested in horses and roping and riding and all things rodeo. And while that is a sport in this neck of the woods anyway - I was always very, very glad I never had to put up with my husband "watching the game" every Monday night. Watching a few westerns with him is doable - but Lord have mercy - don't make me have to watch a game on tv.

Our oldest daughter became a cheerleader in high school and suddenly we found ourselves having to wanting to attend some games in order to support her. I endured them as much as I could. But sitting through a football game was pure agony to me. It was either stifling hot or freezing cold. People were loud - screaming in my ears. And I didn't understand one single rule of the game. No matter how much people tried to explain it to me - I just didn't get it. I would much rather knit one, purl two than figure how how many yards until the first down - whatever that means.

Life just rolled merrily along and I was doing just fine in my non-sports life thank you very much.

But then a very odd thing happened. In the fall of 2006 I started hearing much more than normal about our local university football team. Everywhere I went, every paper I picked up, every restaurant we frequented, people were talking about our team and how great the chances were that we could actually be a part of a BCS bowl. Again, I had no idea what that meant but I could tell it was something fabulous by the reverent way everyone spoke about it. My interest started peaking, if for no other reason than I like to be aware of what is going on in the world around me. That's the same reason I love watching the news, and reading the paper, and staying up on current events. I want to know what's going on.

At Christmas time of that year it became a done deal. Boise State was going to the Fiesta Bowl.

The hysteria was unbelievable. Blue and orange was everywhere - and I do mean everywhere. New Year's Day 2007 was the day. So I thought, in the interest of knowing what in the world was going on in my little world, I would throw a little football party and do something I had never, ever done in my whole 48 years of life.

I watched a football game on tv.

And I was hooked. Completely. Totally. Undeniably.

From that time on I have never missed watching a single Boise State game. I cheer for them like crazy and act like I totally know what is happening on that blue turf. (Did you hear that? I used the football term - turf.) I even attended a game in person and hope to do so again this year. I wear blue and orange on game day. I have a little blue and orange teddy bear that rides on my dashboard through the season. I get instant text messages on my phone every time we score. And the sports section of the paper? The section I always used first for puppy-potty training? Now it's the section I read first.

I am a true fan.

Or I'm truly weird - I'm sure that is a point that could be debated.

And that Fiesta Bowl game? I have watched in clear through three times. Even when I know the ending - it's still a nail biter to me.

I still don't understand the rules, although I am improving. I have figured out the defense and offense objectives. I have the first down concept down (punny!) I know the difference between a field goal and a touchdown. That's about it. There is still so much I don't understand. There's no way I can keep up with the fast paced action of the players. I cheer when the blue and orange cheer and I boo when they boo. It works for me.

Now again there is more talk about another BCS bowl game for the Bronco's. So this year I find myself branching out. I watched part of the BYU/Florida game this weekend. I was happy when Florida won. I'm watching the poll numbers and learning the difference between the coaches poll and the AP poll. I talk football with my son-in-law. I listen to the sports segments on the radio as I drive to work in the morning.

It's like I've morphed into something I can't identify. My daughters are a tad bit concerned. But I'm not worried. I figure they will join me before too many seasons have passed. They will catch on - I know they will. And girls - when you do - I will be here for you - I'll teach you everything I know.

I do draw the line though - only college football will work for me. I will never get into professional football - I think the amount of money spent on something that is just a game is truly obscene. I can think of a million other ways that money could be used in much more honorable ways. So I will only enjoy the college boys - who do what they do for scholarships alone.

Except I hear that Ian Johnson is now on the practice squad for the Minnesota Vikings. Ian Johnson - #41. (By the way, his wife has a yorkie that is a half-sister to my yorkie - gosh - we are practically related!) I might just have to sneak a watch if he ever makes it to the actual playing field. What can I say?

Go Bronco's!


Lucydolls' ramblings said...

Maybe if you explained the game to me, I would understand it. Brandon is now playing and I enjoy it alot, but have no clue what he is doing!


Becky said...

I have always, for my whole life, been a sports fan. I got the disease honorably. I was the only girl in a family of boys, and now I have my own family of boys.

We watch everything. Golf, hockey, basketball, tennis, everything except racing. Not into car racing. Never. None of us. Ever.

So I just have to let you know that blue and orange are our colors too. But in this neck of the woods is about Gators in the Swamp. Where they tore those Tennessee Volunteers up to the point of needing dental floss last Saturday. OH, yes they did!!

Dawn said...

LOVE your new look.

Funny, Robin. I tried so hard to understand the game - even took a class one night to try - back in the day when Broncomania was rampant (but no blue turf for these Broncos!) I think it's funny that your Broncos have the same colors as yours - yes, the ones who get paid obscene salaries.

Anonymous said...

Mom, you are a nut. And I will never join the dark side-NEVER!!!!!! Michelle and I have joined together in sisterly bonds and we will stand strong against the evil that has taken root!! :)

Michelle said...

Mom...Andrea is correct in saying we will stand our ground and say "no" to all things sports. By the way, do you know how much the state of Idaho alone pays that coach? Makes me a little nauseous when I think of how much less they pay my sister, a teacher.

Off my soapbox. I am glad that you are having fun. I know Brad and Jayson enjoy having you on their side!

Dawn said...

I just looked at your sidebar and it appears you have a big birthday celebation coming up!

Anonymous said...

All the way over here in Peru I am moved by this post! I literally had to use a nearby sock to wipe the tears away. To say that I am excited and proud is an understatement. When I married your daughter I thought you would be a big part of the "football hate" that most men endure. Yes I am pleased!
Thank you for opening your mind and discovering something new and exciting! Jayson and I will need you in years to come, due to the fact that your daughters have not yet been liberated from their own shackles of hate! So meanwhile I will have to be content to have you as a new and very welcome partner to the "Bronco Nation." I pray everyday that Michelle and Andrea will surrender their hate and be freed from the "WHF" (wives hating football) mentality.

Love, Brad Hunt

Anonymous said...

Mom you speak the truth. I hope all the WHF's in the world will learn something from this post.


Anonymous said...

My whole family is a nut!