Friday, September 18, 2009

My Best Deal Yet

I've told you how couponing has become my new favorite hobby. I can't tell you how addictive it has become to me. I spend lots of lunch hours at the store seeking good buys. Today I think I got the best deal yet.

This picture shows you everything I got. If I would have paid regular prices for it, it would have come to a total of $108.29.

Are you ready for this? I paid a whopping total of $6.27.

Yep, that's right. $6.27. Let me tell you how it was done.

The first transaction was for two boxes of wheat thins. They were on sale for 2 boxes for $4.00. That is the first secret to successful couponing - finding items that are on sale. Next, I had two coupons that were for $1 off each box. This particular store, Albertson's was using double coupons this week - coupons that will double my $1 coupon and make it $2.
So I got two boxes of wheat thins for $1.18. Pretty good deal eh?

You can only use three double coupons in a single transaction, so I went on to transaction #2.

This was a deal a just stumbled on, meaning I didn't go to the store in mind to buy these. My number one rule of couponing is to never buy anything I don't normally buy or use.

I broke my rule. I would NEVER normally buy these motion sensitive air fresheners. They are nice but way too expensive. I just wouldn't spend that kind of money. But today...... well was a deal I couldn't pass up. You see these air fresheners normally sell for $12.99. But Albertson's had them on clearance for $6.49.

That's a pretty good deal but not good enough. I rummaged through my coupons and struck gold! I had $6 off coupons that I had cut out of the paper. In fact, they were almost expired. So I ended up getting them for 49 cents. So I bought three. While I was rummaging for my air freshener coupons I noticed I had three coupons for Glade soy candles for free!

So I got three motion sensor air freshners and three candles for a grand total of $3.27.

But this third transaction made me feel like I am truly a member of the Coupon Queen Court.

For this transaction I purchased three packs of Juicy Juice that is normally priced at $2.99 a pack. It was on sale today for two packs for $4.00. I had coupons that were a dollar off a pack. I paired my coupons with doublers and it came to a total of 18 cents!
But wait! Hold everything! Just when I was patting myself on the back for getting such a good deal the catalina machine spit out a $1 off my next order coupon. So basically Albertson's PAID ME 78 cents to take this Juicy Juice home. I can think of two little grandbabies who are going to think their Mia is pretty special for getting them their own juice.

After I got out to the car I found three more $6 off coupons in my folder for the motion sensor air fresheners. So you can bet I went right back in and bought the last three on the shelf!

If I wasn't already addicted, today would have gotten me hook, line and sinker.

And now I'm off to watch the Boise State game. Good times!


Dawn said...

Wow, that is amazing. Where in the world do you get $6.00 coupons?? We have doubled coupons every week at our King Soopers, but they don't double more than up to a dollar - so a 75 cent coupon is worth a dollar, so is a 50 cent coupon. But lately I haven't even been doing that, because I go on the fly, and have two babies in the spot where I keep my coupons and my list. It's not efficient, but it's kinda fun to have them with me.

What kind of meetings will Sarah be going to? Is she doing okay in class? I get such a bang out of her, because she's have SO MUCH FUN - and then that old nasty homework has to get in the way! She's a riot on Facebook.

Becky said...

Congratulations! Well played!

I have been doing a much better job of our shopping the last few months and I have a pretty nice pantry full of stuff right now. I love when I can go to the store and spend so little, knowing it is all on things that I am storing up. I could eat from my pantry for about 3 months now, which is the idea.

Karen said...

Good for you! I have much to learn about the coupon game. You've given me quite an education! I'm trying so hard to get my grocery budget in line.