Thursday, September 10, 2009


It's been many years since I've made a paper chain. But the countdown to when Michelle, Brad and my sweet boy Tyler come home for a visit has begun. And I can't think of a better visual than a paper chain!

I made this chain with seven chains in one color so I can not only count the days but the weeks. I took this picture on Monday when there were 60 days to go. Or eight weeks and 4 days.

But tomorrow it will be just 8 weeks. Or 56 days. Whichever sounds shorter.

A good friend reminded me - "Isn't it much better to count down the days till they come home instead of the days until they left?"

It surely is. More than I can begin to express.


Dawn said...

I know it doesn't seem like it to you, but the time has flown since they left. I am glad they get to come for a visit - I didn't realize they would be able to do that so soon. Are you going over there sometime?

Sarah is in Ford Hall, I believe. She's been quarantined the last 48 hours or so with a high temp, but is doing better. She has been on such a high since she got there, but it was squelched a bit when she started getting homework! And then got sick. I guess there are lots and lots of germs invading the dorms!

Becky said...

Oh my! What a celebration that will be! I am excited for you!!!

Karen said...

This post has me smiling. What an exciting event that will be!

nanajobx said...

I think I need a chain! After I return from Haiti the kids are coming back here for three weeks. I think our kids will be stateside the same time!