Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Labor Day

I am honoring Labor Day today by doing things I want to do. Although the word "labor" tends to bring thoughts of, well, pain to mind, I am enjoying not laboring today. In both senses of the word! Today I slept in until 7:00, drank coffee with my husband, drank more coffee with my brother, and spent time in my sewing room.

Remember this:

Well today it looks like this:

A perfect bag to hold my "in progress" knitting projects! And the good news is that the yardage I bought will actually make two bags - one to keep and one to share.

I hope your Labor Day is enjoyable to you too!


Willow said...

Unfortunately The Professor is having to labor today, but fortunately I'm not.

I am setting up my brand new sewing machine! Well, new last Christmas. I'm just now able to set it up.

Becky said...

I spent my Labor Day at my sewing machine too. I got 3 baby quilt tops pieced together, and one of them completely quilted (I totally cheated ... disappointed myself but did it all on the machine and you know what?? it looks great. it didn't take any less love. AND ... I did it in 2 hours. DONE!!!

Your bag is very pretty. Perfect for the task and you'll look great carrying it too. Don't be surprised is someone asks you where you got it :)

A Day In the Life . . . said...

Thanks for the coupon link. your bag is awesome!
I found this sweet crochet hat pattern (from Pipersgirls blog) and thought of you - here's the address

Dawn said...

They call me "bag lady" - I loved bags. Very cute bag.

I didn't labor at all - had lunch with a college friend, then felt lousy from a cold I caught from little Emma. Much better today.

Vicki said she really enjoyed visiting with you - I'm still hoping to come out there.

Anonymous said...

You are going to share that other bag with me right? I mean it would be really sweet for a mother and daughter to have matching bags right? And Ava wants me to have it so you should probably make her happy :).


Michelle said...

Cute bag!

Laura said...

I often read your blog and think I've even commented once or twice. I was reading another blog that mentioned this great tool for grandparents to stay in touch with their grandchildren and I thought of you. The blog is

I found it easiest to cut and paste what she wrote, sorry that made it long! I think in this you can find the website to go to if you're interested in this little tool!

Blessings, Laura

"But I did find something online that will help them feel more connected with their granddaughters. It is called "Your Voice" from It came at a good time too because my dad decided that Charlotte, at 2 years old, was now old enough to receive phone calls, without Mommy to translate or assist. And that hasn't quite worked out... Charlotte is still too interested in the buttons on the phone. Oh, and good timing because Grandparent's Day is coming up on September 13.

But, I told my dad about Your Voice and in less than 2 hours, he had already logged into and created a spoken message for his first granddaughter. Then of course, he had to text me to make sure I knew it was there so his precious granddaughter wouldn't have to wait too long to hear her Grumpy's voice!

When we listened to it after her nap (can't let the grandparents dictate everything!), Charlotte was delighted to hear Grumpy on the computer. And I was super-duper impressed with the sound quality. It was extremely clear and we had no trouble understanding him, even though he was calling from a cell phone inside a big truck.

After listening to it, I wanted to know more about the process, so Charlotte and I recorded our own message for Grumpy. The instructions appeared on the screen at the end of our listening and all we had to do was dial a number (it was long-distance), enter a pin, and then start recording. Grumpy received an email within 30 minutes alerting him to his new message.

This would be a great way for grandparents (or anyone) to read stories to their grandchildren who live far away. Especially since the recordings can be downloaded as an .mp3 and saved forever. You can take these with you on your iPod or other music player."