Sunday, October 25, 2009

Felted Acorns

If there is one thing I have been reading on everybody's blogs this month, it's how much we all love autumn. I think if we took a poll, autumn would definitely be on the top of the list. I love it best for so many reasons and one of those reasons is there is just something about it that brings out the domestic side of me. Cooking, cleaning and decorating my little nest become priorities to me again after a long and hot summer. I had fun this weekend making these sweet felted acorns. They are really easy, although you do have to know how to knit. Nothing fancy, just simple knitting. And it's really quick and easy.

I saw these little acorns on Susan B. Anderson's blog. That Susan, she is something else. I don't think there is anybody who can come up with such sweet little ideas like she does. I have both her books and I hope I'm getting her newest one for my birthday. (Chuck - this is a hint!)

When she made these acorns, she ordered the felt beads from a company. But I wanted to make them this weekend and I figured they would have to be pretty easy to make, so here is what I did.

I have had some 100% wool yarn tucked away for a while. This yarn was Manos del Uraguay, but any wool yarn will do - as long as it not to be washed or dried. I chose a few colors and cut approximately a yard from each one.

I then cut the 3 yard piece into smaller 3 inch sections so it would be easier to handle.

The next step takes the longest. You have to "unspin" the yarn. Just pull it apart until you have a pile of fluff. I know you can buy wool like this, roving it is called. But I didn't want to go shopping to find some. I wanted to work with what I had on hand.

Now the fun part. Fill a bowl with very hot water and add just a drop of soap. I found it worked better to just do one at a time - don't put all the fluff in the water.

When it is all wet take it out of the water and roll it in your hands like playdough. What begins to happen as the water squeezes out is that the wool turns into felt. And it shapes into a ball as you roll it. You want the balls to be about 2 cm so you might have to experiment with how much fluff you start with.

I had a little helper. Do you see her little pigtails? I could eat this little marshmellow up I tell 'ya.

When you are finished shaping the felt balls, dip them int some ice water to "shock" them.

Then set them out to dry.

You can find the simple pattern to knit the acorn tops on Susan's blog right here. They are so simple and take maybe 15 minutes to make each one. I just love them and plan to make a few more.

Wow, as I am sitting here the wind just started blowing about 100 mph and the leaves are blowing so hard there is hardly any visibility. There is a front moving in and there is even talk about some white stuff being on the ground in the morning. What a perfect evening to hunker down and knit some acorns!


Willow said...

Felting is fun!

Becky said...

Those are so adorable. Please post a picture of what you do with them, how you use them in your decorating. I picture a bowl full of happiest acorns ever in the middle of a dining room table. So cute.