Thursday, October 22, 2009

Excellent News

So I haven't yet shared my excellent news on the blog. I have been so happy and excited since I found this out.

Last week Michelle gave me an early birthday present and told me that instead of only being able to be home for two weeks in November, they will be staying until January!

I couldn't believe it as this means that they will be here for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. And sweet Tyler will actually get to know us and we will actually get to know him. He will learn that we are not just people that live in a computer. (He talks to people on the tv too because in his little world, these people are all talking to him!). We will get to hold him and snuggle him and read to him and play with him. He will get to play with Ava Claire and how fun will that be to watch those two together?

And the paper chain - the paper chain is down to 17 links. 17!!! I ♥ paper chains.

I am beyond excited as you can probably imagine. So I am in the midst of planning. Planning menus, planning activities, planning room arranging so we all fit comfortably in our home, planning family get-togethers, planning Christmas gifts, planning, planning planning.

It is a good place to be.


Karen said...

Robin, that IS good news!! I'm so happy for you! (((smiles)))

Becky said...

THAT IS THE MOST WONDERFUL NEWS! I am so excited for you ALL. I can imagine that the only one with a longer list of to-do is Michelle herself :)

kittyhox said...

Oh Robin, that is the best news! I pray that you will soak in every moment of joy and togetherness.

Beth said...

Sounds like a grandmother's dream come true! I am so happy for you all! :)

nanajobx said...

I am sitting in my daughter's living room in Haiti and smiling at your news. I do know how excited you are and am so happy that you will have this special time. My daughter will be coming to the states next month and we will do Thanks Giving on Vetran's Day! Good times!

Dawn said...

Wow, that's amazing news! Will they stay with you the whole time? I just learned that my nephew and his family are probably going to go!

I just read your previous post and couldn't agree with you more. It is so tiresome to me to read wedding stories and read that their children are in the wedding, they will make their home in the house they've already bought together, on and on and on. I enjoy watching Judge Judy for her swift and direct justice, but it pains me to see how many of the cases involve unmarried couples who have been "playing house" as the judge says it.

Michelle said...

Oh Robin that is excellent news! How wonderful that they'll be staying for so long!

Dawn said...

I am sorry Vicki missed you last week. I'm thinking I should fly out with her next time she has board meeting!

You'll have such a fun holiday season - wow. Yes, it's amazing that Chad and Amanda are taking Vicki's grandkids to Peru. But I am so proud of them.

That is scary about Wendy and the bug bites! I'll be remembering her for sure.

I love long comments!

Dawn said...

I knew there was one more thing I was going to ask you - did the kids sell their house?

Becky said...

Robin, thank you for the advice on GBs itching. He seems to have some tiny scabs around that are bothering him. Not sure if they are the source of his itching or a result of his itching. I'll check his food for corn though. And the Benedryl is working. We are hoping that the lack of itching will heal up the little scabs and all will be well.

Have a great week.