Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's a Good Time of Year for Soup

So recently I have signed up to do reviews on my blog for a couple of publishing companies and an advertising company. I thought I would try it out - mostly because they send me free stuff. This works for me really well because 1) I like getting packages in the mail, and 2) I like getting free packages in the mail.

I am a tad bit worried about it though because I don't want to turn my readers off. I don't want you to click on my blog and say something like, "Oh great, another advertisement." And then you might never come back again. And that would make me sad. Very sad. And it would not be worth even 10 packages of free stuff in the mail on the same day.

Therefore, if my reviews don't meet your taste, feel free to tell me. Or don't read them. But please come back because I promise I won't always be an advertisement. And one fun thing is that you might be a winner and get a free package in the mail too. Like today. At the bottom of this post. And another thing - my reviews will always be the honest truth. If I like it I will tell you. And if I don't - I will tell you.

Today I was invited to review a new soup from Progresso Soups. They are introducing a new line of "high fiber" soups and want to know what people are thinking. So they sent me a can of their new Chicken Tuscany soup with two fun soup mugs with matching spoons.

They didn't know this, but they had me at the words Chicken Tuscany. Doesn't that sound just so, so eclectically Italian? I love it!

My youngest daughter happened to be home scrounging through the pantry looking for something to eat and something to take back to her dorm to stock her cupboards with. She found the can of soup and the first thing she noticed was the words "high fiber" on the label. She follows a low-carb diet and she is a label reader. She made herself a bowl and after she finished it her exact words to me were " this is good. If you have any coupons for this you should buy some more."

I was never prouder. I am teaching her to be a good couponer and it sounds like she is catching on.

I brought the rest of the soup to work with me today in my lunch. Along with a tuna sandwich. And I will just be honest with you and tell you that it was very good. Very, very good. The first thing I noticed was that it had a nice thick broth. I don't care for thin broth soups. It also has lots of white beans in it. I'm not huge on beans - it's a texture thing - but these beans were very soft and they didn't bother me a bit. I also noticed and liked the spices in it - it had a very robust flavor that held true to its name - Tuscany.

I will definitely buy it again. When I have a coupon. And there are three other kinds of the new high fiber soup that I will look forward to trying as well; Creamy Tomato Basil, Hearty Vegetable and Noodles and Homestyle Minestrone. But none of those sound as good as "Chicken Tuscany" does. I think you should aslo know that these soups have 28% of the recommended Daily Value of fiber per serving (7 grams).

Now - here is the fun part for you. Progresso would like to send one of my readers the same gift pack they sent me -soup, soup mugs and spoons. So all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what you very favorite soup is and I will draw the name of a winner on Saturday.

And then it will be you who gets a package of free stuff in the mail. And you don't even need a coupon.

Progresso provided me with the free product, information, and prize pack through MyBlogSparkTM


Donnetta said...

Oh I will have to try these! I am always looking for a way to add fiber to our diet. (Of course trying one for free couldn't be beat.) :-)

I am a sucker for a good tomato basil. YUM!

nanajobx said...

My step father would ONLY eat progresso.
Lentil if my favorite!
(and I love getting packages in the mail!)

Becky said...

I'd love to win some soup. And we love high fiber and low carb and healthy in this house.

My favorite soup of all time is Panera's tomato soup. I have tried all different kinds of canned tomato soup trying to find the right one to mimic it and I have not yet found it. I have even tried making my own with 2 different recipes.

So bring it on Progresson. I'd love to try you tomato high fiber soup. With those cute little soup mugs. And the matching spoons. I feel warm and cozy just thinking about it.

Karen said...

This sounds wonderful! The soup and the prize drawing (and, yes, put my name in the hat this time!) We love soup in our family and the tomato basil sounds yummy. I would love to do product review like this and, no, I don't think it detracts from your blog at all. It's always fun to hear about new things.

BTW, love your fall theme on your blog:)

Dawn said...

Oh, I would LOVE to have this package arrive in the mail - I am trying to have soup every lunch and Progresso is good. I love Chicken Tortilla the best. They are expensive, for sure - I usually get a whole bunch at Sam's at once.

Andrea said...

I like my chicken tortilla soup that I make. It is quite tasty if I do say so myself!!

Lisa said...

I do appreciate your reviews of products. I was curious about this new type of Progresso with high fiber, and it's nice to hear the personal story of how your family liked it.

I enjoy all their soups, but I guess a yummy Chicken Noodle would be great for this time of year. Or surprise me. :)

Bev said...

I'm always happy to come here, advertisements or not - good for you for stretching your blog a bit - free stuff is always fun!