Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Leaving Carolina - A Book Review

Have you ever wished you were somebody else? I mean have you ever maybe wished your family tree had more exotic foliage on it and not just have the ordinary green leaves? Have you ever wanted to leave your hometown and move somewhere exciting where things are "happening"? Do you have a secret from your past that you wished never had happened, but you have never dealt with it, preferring to move far, far away and just ignore it?

Well, these are all issues that Piper Wick, aka Piper Pickwick is dealing with. And she is learning the hard way that even though you might be able to escape reality for a season, the truth will ALWAYS find you out. But even better, the truth will ALWAYS set you free.

Leaving Carolina is Tamara Leigh's latest novel but it is the first one I have read. Written in first person, it is the type of novel that draws you in immediately by teasing you with just enough storyline to make you want to read further and just enough back story to keep you piecing it all together. I truly enjoyed Tamara's writing style of incorporating humor, mystery and romance into one delightful, easy-to-read package. You might be able to take the girl out of the south - but you can never take the south out of the girl! I always enjoy reading about the south - they just seem to be the most fun people!

Personally, I enjoy Christian contemporary novels but I do find a lot of them to be unrealistic and a little too sugary-sweet. Leaving Carolina does not fall into that category and I look forward to reading more of Tamara Leigh's novels. I think this would be a great read for a book club as well, because it would propagate lots of discussion questions.

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