Sunday, November 1, 2009

Monkey Business

He is finally finished! And just before Mr. Foster jumps into a box to be wrapped and stored in the closet until Christmas, I wanted to share him with you.

I have mentioned how hard this monkey was - but the truth is, I loved every stitch I knitted in this guy. It was by far the most challenging project I have ever knitted and I learned a ton. His pajama's have a million mistakes in them, the most notable being that the button placket is supposed to be in the front. Don't ask me how mine ended up in the back - that is a total mystery to me! I considered ripping it all out and starting over again. But then I realized these pj's are going to be worn by a stuffed monkey for Pete's sake! Get over it! So I did. And I'm betting that the little recipient of this stuffed toy (a little mister you might have heard me talk about a time or two) will never notice the difference.

If you think you might want to tackle this project you can order right here. And you totally should because it is a fun project. Knit Picks has a knit-along support group that was a lot of help to me. You can also find many Mr. Foster projects on Ravelry as well.

So now I am on to Miss Ava Claire's Christmas present - a bunny wearing a dress. It's already proving to be a much easier project.


Michelle said...

He is going to LOVE that monkey! I can't wait for him to see it:)

Karen said...! You knitted this?? What little boy wouldn't love to have such a cute monkey for a friend. It's darling.

Becky said...

What a dapper fellow! He looks English I think. Very, Very English. Needs an accent, a pipe, and a classic book of great literature. Perhaps poetry.

He turned out great! You litte recipient will fall in love.

Dawn said...

Oh, my goodness!! Hey, if I tell you how wonderful and adorable he is and how talented you are, will you make 4 more??? Ha!!

AND - you get to watch him open it!!!

Bev said...

You knit him? Wow - I would have been impressed if you'd sewn him but to knit every stitch - way to go! And even more kudos for you moving on and not making it perfect, that little one will love the daylights out of him, mistakes and all. I'm knitting a teddy bear for a grandbaby due around Christmas and am finding I love to knit toys.