Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Almost Free Magazine Subscriptions

If you are like me and don't like to subscribe to magazines because you can think of a million other ways to spend the $25 subscription price - have I got a deal for you!


Follow this link and you can subscribe to several magazines for a whole year for the total price of $5!!!!

FIVE DOLLARS people! What a fun Christmas gift to give - it's the gift that keeps on giving - every month for a whole year.

I subscribed myself to Southern Living and House Beautiful - two magazines I know I will enjoy. But hurry and do it now because like I said,



Dawn said...

I've worked hard at paring down my magazines, so don't think I'll get more, but what a great deal!!

I'm way behind - don't you love having a church hall to go to for big family events? We've used ours several times. What a fun time for you!

Ours was small this year - only 11 of us. But it was fun. Not quiet, with 4 girlies running around.

I just got a new post up this morning, but if you have a chance, go to the one prior to it and see the update on the littles!

Dawn said...

Thanks for visiting today - yes, the littles are still really little. Katie wears size 18 mo and Emma is still in 12 month clothes. But they are so healthy!

I am putting up one of my trees this afternoon - very very slowly! I seriously think I'm going to shop on line, but I'd better hurry, eh? I really really had shopping even in regular times!

The "seasoned older" teacher is probably about your age, but she has been teaching for a long time - that's what I meant. As opposed to the 22 year olds she has had in the past. Both have advantages, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Mom I am not digging the new background. It makes it difficult to read with the checkerboard pattern. Just thought you should know.