Sunday, July 25, 2010

This Weekend, I . . .

Keys to the Cottage

* Hosted one of my daughter's friends from college. She, her husband and two kids were traveling through and needed a place to stay for the night and we were happy to accommodate them.

* Worked Saturday - another testing day at the university I work at. It made for a very long day.

* Enjoyed dinner at a Mexican restaurant with my husband and daughter. Chicken taquito's are the best!

* Found a new walking route. It's a bit longer with much more incline. I felt it.

* Enjoyed a family Sunday dinner after church on the patio.

* Attended a campmeeting service Sunday night at the big church in our area.

* Finished writing a long over-due article.

* Got my certificate of completion for the Fiction That Sells course I took from the Christian Writer's Guild. Fantastic course.

* Got in just a short bit of knitting time.

What about you? What did you do this weekend? Click here and share!


Becky said...

Well that weekend sounds perfect. A little work ... a little fun ... and old friends stopping by. I hope your week is just as nice.

Karen said...

You must feel good to have accomplished a long overdue project. Big sigh of relief! The course sounds interesting, Robin. I'm glad your writing goals are moving right along. Good for you!

Dawn said...

I didn't get to do This Week-end I . . . this time, but I'm writing about my trip to Minnesota for a few posts. Your week-end sounds good.

I had a good one - DC's birthday was Friday and we had a great day with lots of family. Sunday sermon was wonderful. Dinner was fun with the grandgirls and their mommy. We were going to go to Greeley to hear Larnelle Harris, but got lazy and stayed home and relaxed - great ending for the week-end.