Sunday, August 1, 2010

This Weekend, I

Keys to the Cottage

. . . Finally chose the paint colors I wanted to paint my kitchen. Nothing stresses me out more than picking out colors. It took me literally two whole years.

. . . Bought said colors before I could chicken out again.

. . . Bought all disposable painting supplies. I hate to paint. I would rather take a beating. And cleaning up paint supplies is the worst part of all. This way I could just throw it all away when I got done. Proved to be a brilliant plan.

. . . Friday night I began painting the kitchen.

. . . Made a midnight run to Wal*mart to get one more disposable paint supply item.

. . . Slept till 9:15 on Saturday morning. I can't remember the last time I slept that late. My daughter said she thought I had died!

. . . Saturday was spent finishing the painting project. What a great clean feeling. I love the finished product. It turned out even better than I had hoped.

. . . If you are interested, the colors I chose were Brown Tepee and Lost Atlantis. Fancy names for blue and brown.

. . . Made some salsa and guacamole. My recipe is just a little of this and a little of that and you never know for sure what the end product will taste like. This was a stellar batch.

. . . Met our kids at the Dairy Queen for a hot fudge Sundae. Don't remember the hot fudge ever tasting so good.

. . . Mowed the lawn with my husband. And wondered for the hundredth time why I get the push mower and he gets the riding mower.

. . . Took my yorkie, Willow, to the groomer. Nothing nicer than a freshly groomed dog.

. . . Enjoyed our Sunday morning church service.

. . . Cleaned up the house - getting ready for another week.

How about you? Join in on the weekend fun over at Becky's.


Dawn said...

Sounds like a good week-end. The salsa sounds great. I have been wondering about your upside down tomato plants all week for some reason, and keep forgetting to ask you how they are doing.

Join me in reading the Anne (with an E, of course) books - they are so delightful. I want to watch the movies again, too.

Becky said...

I am so excited for your new kitchen. You know, I can tell you exactly what you did this morning ... you walked into that kitchen and just got the best feeling deep inside. Joy. It's done! Finally! And it is lovely! And cozy!

You will get years of enjoyment from that one project.

I am doing a little painting in my mom's kitchen this week. All the trim we didn't do last summer when we painted her cabinets.

We made our own salsa yesterday too, and that is a first for me. It is delicious. So good we had to send my niece to the Mexican restaurant for quality chips :)

Have a great week.

Karen said...

I'm with you on choosing paint colors. I love thinking about it, but coming down to making a decision is just torture. Great idea on disposable supplies. I started doing that and haven't looked back. I figure for all the water it takes to clean up the other stuff, it comes out even. Congratulations on getting it all done!

LOL about the lawn mowers! I think it's time to change it up!

Bev said...

Yin and Yang - you hate to paint, I love to paint. And I'm right there with you on guacamole - figure it if has an avocado in it, it's impossible to mess it up - smash it, throw some lemon juice on it, and anything else is an extra - then dive in. Great way to christen the fresh paint job!

Dawn said...

I keep forgetting to ask you how the upside down tomatoes turned out?!