Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Upsidedown Tomato Thingy Concensus

So back at the beginning of the summer I wrote a post about my attempt to grow tomatoes in the upside down tomato thingy's that are advertised on tv and are in several stores. I have been promising an update on their progress.

I guess overall I have been disappointed.

The Roma's produced well in quantity but in quality they were small.

The Beefsteak was worse. So far it has produced one tomato that is still green.
In their defense, I did not fertilize the plants other than planting them in Miracle Grow dirt enriched with fertilizer. And many people from our area didn't get good tomato's this year even growing them upside right in the ground.

I think I will give this one more try next year and will try adding fertilizer.

If I don't get a better yield I will declare the Upsidedown Tomato Thingy a scam.


Becky said...

My mom did not have much success with hers either.

Karen said...

Robin, I was disappointed in mine, too. We got two tomatoes -- one was medium sized, red, delicious, the other never grew very big and stayed green. My strawberry hanger-thingy produced a few measley strawberries. A friend of mine grew some wonderful cherry tomatoes in hers. However, she had it hanging up against her brick house and my husband says it held the heat better than ours, which was at the edge of the patio.

I'll give it another try next year, but I'm not very hopeful!

Dawn said...

Well, good to know - I think I won't bother to try! I can't believe this was here for 9 days before I found it - I haven't read anyone for so many days!

I have just begun the sequel to The Swan House. I can tell it's going to be as gripping as the first book. Have you had a chance to read the first one yet?

Nanato4 said...

We tried two this summer, and one died before we could get any tomatoes from it ... the other died after we got a couple of tomatoes from it. We won't try that again. :-(