Sunday, October 17, 2010

This Weekend, I . . .

Keys to the Cottage

* Since my husband and son-in-law are gone hunting for the week, Michelle and the boys moved in with me. So as you might imagine my weekend has revolved all around grandchildren! Yay! There's nothing better!

* A trip to the Pumpkin Patch was enjoyed on a simply beautiful autumn day:

Baby Aiden got his very own pumpkin:

Mia enjoyed spending time with all three of her grandbabies!

Ava Claire found a pumpkin just her size:

Tyler spent some time in the maze:

These two have a very special little friendship:

* The girls, grandkids and I enjoyed eating dinner out after church - a rare thing around here.

* Enjoyed a very lazy Sunday afternoon.

* Watched a little football - a high school game and of course, Boise State.

* Began knitting a new pattern - a sweater for Tyler. It's hard to find knitting patterns that I like for little boys so I knew right away when I saw this pattern it wouldn't take long to get cast on my needles. So far it is knitting up really fast and I am enjoying it immensely. I have to hurry and get it off the needles so I can get Aiden's Halloween costume cast on. He is going to be a football. A knitted football at that!

* Made a favorite autumn snack - peanuts and candy corn. Tastes just like a nut roll. Yum!

* Caught up on laundry.

* Finished a book and started another. More about that in a future post.

* Tried not to think about how short the weekend seemed.

How about you? Link up at Becky's and let us know what kept you busy.


Becky said...

I cannot think of a better way to spend a weekend ... with your grandbabes, knitting, football, and candy corn! I need to buy some candy corn just for the season. I look forward to it every year.

Nanato4 said...

It's always a great weekend when the grandkids are included!

Donnetta said...

Your trip to the pumpkin patch sounds and looks like so much fun filled with memories to cherish.

I really like the sweater patter you found. Very warm and cozy with great colors!

Dawn said...

Looks like a great fun week-end. A football for Halloween - can't wait to see that picture!

Can't wait to hear what books you've been reading. I'm finally on the last Anne of Green Gables book - shed a few tears in this one as it was about World War I and its affect on this little Canadian island people.

Sure wish I'd been able to be out there last week!

Dawn said...

PS - I just finished Francis Rivers' Her Daughter's Dream and tomorrow hope to start Lynn Austin's latest, While We're Far Apart.

Karen said...

Love the photo of you and the grandkids:) The little boy sweater is darling! Once my boys got past a certain age, it was hard to find clothes for them that I liked. How great that you can knit for your grandson.

That candy corn/peanut combo sounds to-die-for.