Thursday, October 14, 2010


The other night my husband and I watched the movie, The Gladiator, for like the 1347th time. Seriously.

We got into a discussion about re-watching movies. He LOVES watching his favorite movies over and over again. Braveheart, John Wayne, The Sacketts, Lonesome Dove, and Wyatt Earp are just a few that he can quote line for line. It is definitely worth the money for me to buy him a dvd because he totally wears it out. He says he can rarely find anything worth watching on tv anymore and he loves, loves, loves having his "go-to television watching" right there at his disposal. You can imagine that he is a big fan of the dvr feature on our satellite system. Recently we upgraded our receiver to high def and after the technician left we realized that changing receivers meant that the HOURS of horse training programs he had recorded over the last couple of years was - poof - gone. Just like that.

I hate seeing a grown man cry. Just kidding. But there was a lot of whining around the house for a few days.

Anyway, I am not the type of person who loves re-watching something I have already seen. I rarely buy movies because they would just collect dust. Who has time to watch something already seen? I do have a couple of favorites like Father of the Bride. The Sound of Music, and Return to Me. And then of course there is the BSU/Oklamoma Fiesta Bowl game that I have watched several times - and even though we win it EVERY SINGLE TIME I never get tired of seeing that Statue of Liberty play!

So, anyway, it got me to wondering how many other people like to watch movies they have already seen. What about you? How about your husband?

It's riveting information I know.


Judy said...

Well, our husbands definitely are related!!! :) I have always given Dave a hard time about watching the same movies over and over and over and...again! And I had to laugh because some of the movies you listed, like Braveheart, are Dave's favorites, too! Brothers... I can't stand it. I rarely like watching movies ONCE, for that matter! Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...we watch movie's over and over too! But recently we got Netflix and we love it because they have all these instant download movies or tv shows. So we are watching all kinds of reality tv like "The deadlist Catch", Ax Men (about loggers), The Duggar Family and of course documentaries, I swear I've seen the "Hoover Dam Special" like a million times! I guess that's what I get for having a husband who is a engineer!

Dawn said...

I rarely re-watch a movie. But I do love a couple - Driving Miss Daisy, for instance. I DVR'd two Eloise movies for the girls - H loves to watch the Christmas one every time she's here!

All summer I recorded good old shows I loved in the past that are not on a retro station. Fun.

I just finished the second Elizabeth Musser book, as well as Her Mother's Heart - so good, both!

Melody said...

I hate watching reruns but my hubs loves to watch them. He will watch them several times. And we argue about this all the time because I start quoting lines and get all sassy and talk about how pointless it is when you know the next scenes and the outcome of the whole thing. But I'm not a very good "enjoy the moment" kind of girl. I am "conquer" girl and so when it's done it's done and on to the next thing. This is why my hubs is so good for me.

Becky said...

I love to watch movies and also tv shows I've already seen. I think it is because I don't usually get to see the whole thing at one time, just in bits and pieces. Especially anything viewed between the years of 1983 and 2009, when children were distracting me.

Karen said...

I like to watch my favorite movies over and over -- You've Got Mail, Gone With the Wind, The Way We Were and a few Diane Keaton's that I have on DVD. And I've seen Lonesome Dove at least three times, and a few of John Wayne's at least a dozen times -- In Harm's Way and The Cowboys are my favorites. Oh, and Sons of Katie Elder -- I watched that dozens of times as a kid. I watch The Shootist when it's on T.V., and it always makes me cry. (I'll bet you're sorry you asked me, huh?)

My husband doesn't watch as many movies, but he'll if something he likes is on t.v., he'll watch it.