Friday, May 20, 2011

Cleaning House

So the plan for today was that I was going to get some yardwork done. I needed to clean up my flower beds and finally plant some flowers. Our weather has been so bi-polar this year. We have had so much wind and rain and even snow. It's been very strange. So I was all set to weed and hoe and clean up and then finally plant a couple of tomato plants and some multi-colored flowers.

And then Ava Claire showed up. And she had other plans. She was playing in the playhouse and I was pulling weeds and it wasn't too long before she wanted me to help her do a little spring cleaning.

"Mia, wanna' help me clean!" Well of course I do sweet girl~

So I brought out some warm, soapy water and we got busy washing the kitchen down and cleaning up all the dishes.

While we washed dishes Ava said things like "So how is your day going Mia?" And "My day is going good Mia." She is such a big talker!

When we got it all clean we sat down for tea and sandwiches.

My flower beds didn't look much better at the end of the day but there is always tomorrow. And I must say I have never enjoyed doing the dishes more!

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